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Today, Genki Friends, I want to admit to a secret I have been keeping for a wee bit of time now.  As you can tell by the photo, there are going to be bigger than life changes in 2016 for the ‘Genki Household’.  Genki Husband was offered a position that could just not be turned down, one that we prayed about and made the decision together as it is a big change for the entire family.  It is a decision we are both excited for but also nervous seeing as we will be moving across the nation.  Not only will we be moving, it will be with Genki Cat, Genki Pup and a few suitcases in one Prius.

Once we arrive, we have an extended stay condo until we find a place to call home.  Apparently, on the west coast permanent rentals need to see the renters in person before renting to anyone, so we have a semi-permanent residence setup for now.  Our personal belongings will stay in a climate-controlled storage unit until we are ready.  That just means our energy-efficient car will tug all of us and enough personal items for at least one-month.  It will be an adventure for sure!

This 2,200 mile adventure also means we will get to see a lot of different parts of America and test out a ton of different vegan options along the path.  We intend on traveling the southern routes instead of the northern, since it’s still winter here in the northern states and that can only mean one thing, snow.

Suggestions for tourist sights or vegan food?