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Go the extra mile it's never crowded quoteSelf-help magazines annually pay millions of dollars to gear up for campaigns on how to steer a selected target market into selecting their magazine over the mimicry of competitors’ headline articles.  The grasping front pages are filled with glossy photos encouraging the selected target market into diving into a crash diet or exercise routine with what seems like effortless exerted energy into weight loss or that 6-pack abs.  While the dollars are well-spent, it does not guarantee the weight will melt off nor will that keg turn into a 6-pack ab set overnight.  Let’s face it, although we all want to wish of being a permanent resident in Neverland, our personal book of life does not contain a Peter Pan lifestyle miracle.  Those unwanted wrinkles will come, our butts will soon start migrating south (and not just for the winter), pounds will sneak under our belts and we will soon find ourself losing necessary muscles.  Only one action will assist in reducing these problem areas and that is…

… working for it!  Bummed, I know, with this answer since it is not exactly the miracle wished.  As with everything in life, we all must work for what we want, it will not show up on our doorstep two-days later in an Amazon taped box.  That is, unless you are talking about an ab crunching machine or running shoes.  (What did we ever do without the invention of internet shopping?)  So my Genki Readers, my motivational Monday encouragement is to keep going.  Dream it, schedule and do it!

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