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My Top 10 Favorite Workout Videos Free Online right now. Links and description available. #veganblogger #vlogger #athomeworkout #free #videos #top10Today I fully admit it, I am a wimp when it comes to working outside in the cold, wintery weather conditions.  When the meteorologist starts focusing in on wintery conditions, it is at that exact moment I stop watching the news.  Yes, stop for the whole 6 months or so of winter in Indiana.  This was not always the case, growing up in the cold regions of Michigan there was not a coat collar with my name written on it in black permanent ink.  I shunned winter coats and thought those that broke down and put a coat on in the snow lacked perseverance and willpower.   Now I am one of those people I looked down upon…  Is this what happens with old age?

Let’s ignore my age for two seconds and return to the reason of this blog post, exercising through the winter months.  I would rather close the window shades and reside in a tiny secluded world where beyond those covered windows is a world filled in overflowing sunshine and lightly salted ocean breezes than go outside and make my fingers turn purple.  If this sounds like you, continue on to the free workout videos to keep you as an active resident in your tiny secluded ocean world.

My Setup as seen in the above photo:  We don’t have a “smart” tv so I just hook up my Macbook Pro or my iPad Mini with an HDMI cord and workout in the comforts of my home.  I do also have a yoga mat and exercise ball in my home office to do fast stretches throughout the day when needed.

  1. Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1 Full Workout Video:  This is Genki Husband and my go to video right now.  We love this because it not only gives us  good stretch from the yoga but true to Jillian it helps with the fat burning too.  The idea is to work the core (those stomach muscles we all complain about) and to help stretch out muscles that might not be used in other workouts.  We like to do this as a full workout and we feel pretty limber afterwards without getting too tired.

2.  Yoga Workout for Strength & Energy: Full 50 Minute Workout- Tara Stiles & Deepak Chopra:Another great yoga workout that also really works the muscles.  It is not as intense as Jillian Michael’s but it is longer so gives a good workout.  This is about 50 minutes in length so you need a good amount of time set aside to do your daily workout.

3.  How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs: 5 minutes is all you need for this ab workout.  When I workout inside I tend to focus on the stomach muscles instead of legs exclusively since I run outside.  This is a good 5 minute workout that you can do just about any time of the day.  If you are a busy person, this might be the best solution.

4.  Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout: Yes, I have a slight addiction to Jillian Michaels.  In my opinion, she has such a warm heart that shares her knowledge with others when possible and is not in it just for the money. I believe she really does care about her clients and for the better health of others.  She of course has to make money and that is why she make these workout videos.  She normally has the first level of all her workout series free online so you can  test them out and fall in love.  I know I do!

5.  Tae Bo Strength Insanity Workout Full Video:  An oldie but goodie, this is a high energy workout video for those that want to work out for a long time.  It is about 1.5 hours in length but you will get a great workout if you can manage to fit it into your schedule.  We have a workout video collection of his and bring it out every once and a while to switch things up here and there. It is best to continue to change things up on your body as to beat that plateau or boredom, so there is nothing wrong with older videos.

6. Bikini Body Routine:  This is it!  Bikini Series 2014 by Tone It Up:  Any workout video by the Tone it Up Girls is really well worth the time to find on youtube.  The videos are generally under 30 minutes and can be repeated as however often as you wish to do so.  The movements are not hard and the pace is slow so most people can handle each one of the workouts.  They have different styles per each challenge so look around and see which one you like best for your needs.

7.  Pilates Workout for Runners:  A runner I am so this is geared towards runners that may or may not be running at the moment.  This can be done on off days or just because you want to stretch out muscles in your body from walking the malls after a large shopping trip.  No judgements here, a workout is a workout in my books.  This is great to release tension in the hips and also stretch out the legs.  Remember a workout is not just about losing weight, that is just one of the benefits.

8. Medicine Ball Full Workout Routine:  Technically this is not a video but it is definitely worth the mention because I have been loving this ever since I started it a few months ago.  This really works just about every muscle in your body and the first few times you might even cry the next day.  (Was I supposed to mention that? Nah, I have no shame.)  A medicine ball is not necessary but easier than holding on to something else.  Free weights would work out just as nice.

9. 30-Minute Full-Body Workout to Burn Calories: Get Fit 2015 Challenge:This is a full body workout that is geared towards women but guys we won’t tell if you want to do it also.  There is no shame in getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

10: 30-Minutes Aerobic Dance Workout- Bipasha Basu Break free Full Routine- Full Body Workout:

Zumba is a workout I have not tried all too much because I am as coordinated as a tree when it comes to dancing.  Every once and a while I start to feel better about my dancing skills and test out another workout video.  This is a video that I found that is more of an aerobic dance class but still just the same.  The difference for me is the instructor introduces new moves slowly and with a timer at the bottom of the screen.  This timer makes a world of a difference if you are a slow learner at dancing such as myself.

What is your favorite indoor workout without exercise equipment?