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Today I want to share the Lentil Bolognese recipe I raved about last month’s in my weekly vegan menu posts.  Not only does it contain a plentitude of protein but it is chockfull of lycopene from Mother Nature’s little gift in tomatoes.  Lycopene is a natural antioxidant, or the parent of natural carotenoids. Hence, I guess one could consider it an under appreciated superfood of today, minus the hefty price tag of similar coined foods.

Lentil Bolognese is a recipe my German family did not make, rather we purchased the cheap American condensed version called Ragù.  In Italy, where this recipe originated, it is called ‘Ragù alla Bolognese’.  Funnily enough, it originates from Bologna, Italy however the natives call this dish ‘tagliatelle’, namesake provided for the long, thick noodles used.  In it’s original form, this dish contains hamburger or some type of minced animal meat.  So to veganism and make this dish healthy, lentils are used to add protein.

My first experience with this dish was actually not in America but in Japan, at I believe a Chinese restaurant.  Incomprehensible, I know, but to native Japanese this makes perfect sense.  At the time my Japanese friends were confused why it was this ‘American’ dish was unknown to me.  I guess there was confusion all around seeing as I had no idea why this Italian in appearance dish was being served at a Chinese restaurant.  To each ones’ own confusion left well enough alone.  In Japan and in America, this dish is commonly served with spaghetti but apparently in other countries it is served with just about any pasta.  Hence, if you do not like spaghetti like myself, feel free to serve it with any other pasta.  Or just eat it as a soup instead of over pasta, there’s no rules here so go crazy.

Original Recipe comes from I Heart Eating and this is the recipe.  I made the recipe pretty much the same however I did subtract carrots because I’m not a fan in savory dishes (sweetness is a turn off).

What’s dish have you ate in the “wrong” location?