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Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

Each week I try to think of a general concept for my Motivational Monday blog post.  While each blog may seem short, it is something I hold deep to my heart.  Many of you have mentioned the serious impact this series gives as a driving force in keeping inspired throughout the week.  This warms my heart as all of you are important in this world, even if it does not seem as such at this moment.  A lack of admiration for each other in this world mutates its residents minds’ into self-loathing individuals that think less and less of themselves each day.  It is time we start to appreciate ourselves and express affectionate thoughts towards our reflection in the mirror than hiding in shame from it.  Punishment is not the key to success in any life event, whether it be weight loss, winning a chess competition or so on.  It is self-love that makes our heart beat and levels our minds negative clutter from outside media.  Comments to oneself should not be punishment but inspiration and love.  Spread Love!

Imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves

Self-love:  Learn to love yourself.  You must love yourself before you can love anyone else.

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You have come far

Positive Compliments:  Look in the mirror and speak to yourself with kind, motivational words as you would if speaking to your best friend.  Stop building barriers of hatred between your rational and irrational sides.  Speak loving thoughts to yourself and it will have a changing effect on your mood throughout the day.

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Spread Love towards others: Once you can speak kindly to yourself, it will be easier to speak kind words to others.  Everyone has a bad day here and there so why not make it a habit just to say something uplifting to everyone you meet and possibly positively change someone’s thought about their own self worth.

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Eat Nutritiously:  You deserve the best quality, highest nutrient enrich foods not something fast and easy.  There are many times I find myself and others punishing oneself with food.  This should never be the case, you are worth every piece of fruit and vegetable on this earth so please stop tearing yourself apart just of the feeling of “getting what you deserve”.  You deserve everything in life, go out there and enjoy your blessings.  There are those in this world that do not have food, yet, we in 1st world countries take this for granted.  Food is never a privilege nor punishment, it is a blessing.

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weight loss motivation quotes

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How have you dealt with letting go in the past or present?