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It might take a year, it might take a day, but what's meant to be will always find its wayPatience is the key word today for our motivation/inspiration.  Many of times when I look back throughout my life, occasions were filled with worry and pressure to move faster than necessary.  Everyone has such a time, for instance when losing weight if the lbs/kg are not lost instantly then many people give up early on in the process.  Or, one someone wants to learn a new language and believes after just a few days a conversational level of fluency should be achieved.  This is not always the case though and it means we should not give up, ever!

There are times when being accelerated is necessary such as in an auto race however most of the time taking a relaxed pace will more efficiently get the job done.  For instance with the example above, weight loss can be achieved at a fast rate but after a few years it will slowly return back with a vengeance.  A slower pace will allow your body and mind will learn how to deal with the change and new territory it is embarking.  Or maybe you are thinking of a life change such as moving across the country, taking each step one by one instead of worrying of the entire process at once will be more effective.  We need to pace ourselves today in the busy society we live in and relish in the blessings we are given at each moment.  You can do anything in life that you wish, you just have to relax, take a deep breath and smell the roses every step of the way.
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