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Free Vegan Menu Plan for October 25-31. Recipes, photos and menu plan for free. #vegan #mealplan #free

Sorry for the delay in this last week’s menu plan.  We have been in California so things have been a bit mixed up for our time schedule.  Don’t worry I worked on a few articles on the plane and will be posting soon.  Thanks for being patient as always.

October 25-31 Free Vegan Menu Plan with recipes and photos of each recipe made. #vegan #menuplan #free

Vegan Sausage from the grill. Side salad and homemade vegan dressing. #vegan #BBQ #vegansausage #veganmenusimple and Delicious because sausages are already made
Crockpot Lentil Soup with Sweet Potato Soup Recipe. #vegan #fall #autumn #lentil #soupLentil Soup – yes please!  It is moist, not dry and has the best flavor in my opinion of any lentil soup as of today.  definitely going to make again!Vegan Blueberry Muffins with Crumb Topping. We have been making these for years and believe they are the best in the world. Here's the recipe because everyone needs to be able to make these at home. #vegan #muffins #blueberries #recipeThis is our favorite blueberry muffin recipe for a reason – easy and delicious.  Freezes just as well and works out every time.Raised Apple Cider Waffles with Sautéed Apple Slices for a start to a wonderful day. These are the best in the world! #vegan #waffles #applecider #apples #recipeThe best apple cider waffle recipe – we were very lucky this week.  To make the apple topping just saute 2 apples (serving 4 ppl) with 1/4 c brown sugar and 1 tsp cinnamonHomemade Vegetable Pasta Soup with Seaweed. #vegan #soup #pasta #recipethe best soup that is so easy you almost feel guilty.Japanese Curry over a bed of steamed Japanese white rice. #vegan #recipe #currythere is nothing better than Japanese curry – need to find a good homemade recipeVegan Guac and Black Bean Burritos. So delicious!!! #vegan #burrito #avocado #blackbeansurprised these were so delicious! I think the trick is frying outside just in a pan
Mushroom Ragout over Steamed Japanese brown rice and 1/2 an acorn squash. #recipe #vegan #mushroom #ragoutlooks a bit gross, not going to lie but super tasty!  Serve over rice and acorn squashHalloween inspired breakfast oatmeal with a side of English Muffin. #vegan #whataveganeats #breakfastboring oats with peanut butter and sprinkles with english muffinVegan Pizza from Blaze Pizza at Notre Dame. #vegan #notredame #indiana #blazepizzathis place is our #1 favorite right now in the city of south bend, in.  vegan cheese is now free for everyone!  Thank you so much Blaze Pizza, we love you!Prefect Balance Snack for a Cold Day: Lemons in hot water and pretzels on the side. #lemon #drink #snack #veganLove having lemon slices in hot water to calm my stomach when irritable. University of Notre Dame in Autumn. #notredame #university #fall #autumnThings are really starting to fall apart and make the world look like fall.  There was a quote I read the other day that stated Fall is a season to remind us about how change is always good.  I am not sure how said this originally but I thought the message was really quite right.  If only there was a cure to a warmer temperature outside when I take the pup out for a walk. Brrrr  The wind is very strong here because of Lake Michigan.  But we make it through, somehow with lots of tissues.