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we have to live through the rough Last week as you might remember was a bit rough…  It’s wonderful having an extended family out there over the internet.  It helps to know there are people out there caring about you and your family.  Thanks to all your kind comments and messages, each one helped clear my mind of negativity and taught me a great lesson.  We aren’t in this world along, not to compete against each other and definitely not in this world to appease angry/misguided people.  Sometimes we have to look at the little things and be thankful.  Some days it may just be a thanksgiving for waking up in the morning alive to put us in the right state of mind.  Or maybe being thankful the sunshine is beaming down upon us.  Hang in there, life will get better you just have to rough the bad before the good comes to you.  And yes, it will come to each and every one of us.

At some time in ones’ life, “bad things” will happen.  But it is how the situation is handled that matters the most.

how to heal

I can and I will

Keep calm

you can do anything




Your Life Only gets better hen you do.  work on yourself and the rest will follow. Quote Motivation You can't live a positive life with a negative mind quote motivationwhat is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable quote motivation

Sometimes we all dwell on the negatives in our lives and forget about all the positives we are handed each and every day.  There are so many blessings that we overlook or forget about when thinking on the pessimistic side.  Our mission this week is to try to look towards the positive side, remember the blessings we have been gifted and try something out of the ordinary.  Sometimes our lives can change with just one tiny step in a different direction.  Remember we are all in this world together, not to compete but assist each other along the path on earth.  Let’s work together instead of against each other, shall we?