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Free Vegan Menus with recipes and photos. This includes 4 weeks worth of vegan groceries and also vegan weekly menus. #free #vegan #menu #recipes #weeklyguide

Fourth week into the installment of this new series, how is everyone feeling about the changes? Things have changed up in my life lately and coincidentally I wanted to see a change in this blog.  Lately I have been thinking of my first days in a vegan lifestyle and how I transformed everything around me, including my ‘meat and potato’ husband.  Today I am easily convinced this lifestyle is the one for my family and me.  There’s a hope that I can spread some of my lifestyle changes, even in small amounts to all of you.

There is no one way to live life, it would be unjustified if I were to point a finger at any carnivores or even vegetarians.  My lifestyle is not perfect and not until it is, I can not speak on behalf of others and their choices.  So let’s just say it will be many years, okay probably never will I be in the position, to criticize someone elses’ dietary choices.  No promises, however, that I will not turn into one of those aged adults, sitting in a rocking chair, yelling at younger generations of their wrongful choices. This is a right of passage into the senior citizen category though, right?  My only wish is by sharing my families’ experience and food choices is merely to help others eat a healthier plant-based diet and possibly even try out some vegan recipes.  On numerous occasions have I shared vegan dishes at potlucks, festivals and house parties and no one has ever complained of the food.  That is, until he/she found out it was vegan.

There is something regarding the word, “vegan”, that worries some people fearful.  Some of you might want to analyze why this is but I just do not have the time and energy to do so.  Let me first start by stating vegan recipes are just pure recipes – nothing strange just food from the earth.  Therefore, “let us keep the feast” as our pastor says each Sunday during communion and enjoy some honest to goodness real food from the earth we all work so hard to keep smoothly running.  Trying a vegan recipe, it won’t kill you nor will it turn you instantly vegan.  Maybe you will fall in love, maybe you won’t, but at least you can say you tried it out.

Be selective of your first recipe, try not to go completely off board with what you normally eat in a week.  For instance, if you are a burger lover – try a vegan burger.  Or, maybe you enjoy waffles in the morning – why not try vegan waffles?  There are numerous options out on the market, some good and some maybe not as good.  It all depends on your tastebuds and where you are in the process on your health food journey.  If you are the type of person that can’t handle the texture of tofu, try something without it.  There are really not that many “rules” just basically do not eat animal products and bi-products.  It’s that easy!

Taking the plunge into a health food vegan journey can take some time if you are not a health food junkie such as myself.  If eating chopped salads and black bean brownies are not normally in your kitchen, it probably is not going to ever be there or at least not in the nearest future.  Take your time, try out new things each week and work your way up to something beautiful.

Next blog is the 4th installment of the series that I want to share with you from October.  If you missed the first few weeks, please go ahead and click here, here, here, and/or 4th week coming.  Hopefully it will give you inspiration and encourage you to either try something new and/or try something vegan.

As always, use the hashtag #gkfanrecipe and I will be directed to your photo.  Or you can just email me your photos or even tag me on instagram with @genkikitty.  I love seeing all the amazing photos all of you take of my recipes, those created in each of your own kitchen.  There is something about viewing these daily that transports me into each of your personal kitchens.  Keep them coming!

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