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Free Vegan Menu

Snoopy as I may be to look into the lives of others, I also adore sharing my vegan life with all of you Genki Readers.  Today I would like to share another week with all of you on what we ate for the entire week along with photos and recipes for each item.  Unless of course the item is something such as oatmeal, I hope that is pretty much self-explanatory.  But when in doubt, check out my Instagram account and I have posted all of our menu items there for the world to see each day.

Here are the photos and the recipes for each item.  Please feel free to email, Instagram message, or leave a comment on this page with questions.  Additionally I am constantly looking for something new to make or try, so please message me with your ideas or suggestions. I am very open-minded and can take criticism, don’t worry. Click on the photos for the recipe.

Sunrise over South Bend, Indiana, USA 2015 #southbend #indiana #sunriseLet me first start off by sharing a photo of our mornings in Indiana.  Fall is gorgeous!
Super Easy Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Roll CupcakesFlourless Pumpkin Oat Blender Pancakes Recipe Vegan
Teavana Sencha Jade TeaApple Cider Waffles Recipe Vegan Einstein Bros Bagels Hummus Veg Out Sandwich ordered to be vegan approved.Cozy Collards and Tempeh Dinner #ppk #tempeh #collards #vegan #dinnerHungarian Stew Vegan Recipe Sausage
Smoky Maple Marinated Tofu steaks over Japanese white rice and steamed spinachSuper Easy and inexpensive vegan bean burritos. #vegan #burrito #recipeRaw Vegan Lavender & Beet I saved the best for last!  This was not made by me but our neighbor made this raw vegan cheesecake for a friend and saved us two slices. it was so tasty! I might change the crust recipe but otherwise I would make it.