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free vegan meal plan 2015There are a lot of websites on the internet right now sharing recipes and menu plans.  While most are very good resources for new vegans, I wanted to share my meal plans with all of you at no cost.  There’s no guarantee you will lose weight, gain weight, be 100% balanced or heal any sort of ailment here but at least you can get suggestions on what to make in your household.  I have used a few online menu plans and loved the idea of simplicity on certain occasions that I just did not have the time to plan my own.

There are just times when life is going a bit too fast and there are not enough hours in the day, right?  Hopefully I am not the only one…  I highly doubt I am though.  While I may not be perfect, my family never goes undernourished and no one ever goes hungry.  We are truly blessed with food on our table each and every meal.

So how to use this menu guide?  Well, there are no rules.  Simple look at the menu above and see what you like.  If you want to follow along 100%, go ahead.  If you only want one recipe, please go for that one recipe.  No rules = no worries.

All Recipes & Photos Can Be Found Here.