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iHerb haul vegan dental The last few weeks I have been taking a deeper look into our dental products and researching the market for different options.  See what I purchased and why each one is important for dental health. iHerb coupon/reward points link below!

So first off, which comes as no surprise to most of you, it is fall.  With this season reintroduces many wonderful items back into our lives such as soups.  I probably could go on for days about the health benefits and convenience soup is when time seems short.  Plus when you make a soup it is so easy to get that big soup pot (think lunch lady style) and dive right in to making a large pot for one meal and freeze the rest.  You may feel as though you are cooking for an army (which maybe some of you are) but as of today I have never heard anyone complain about having too many prepared meals in their freezer.  Less stress for deciding what to make for dinner always makes me happy during the busy work week.

With my overloaded love opener for soup above, I guess I should give you information about the broth that I purchased.  I’m sure you did not come to the site today to read about my love for soup, or did you?  No, no, no you didn’t…  (trying to focus now)

Better Than Bouillon Products:

My favorite soup broth is the brand called Better than Bouillon.  I believe the vegan bouillon is called a base but I’m not telling anyone as long as you aren’t.


  • Vegan!  Enough said!  But seriously, there is either chickenless, beefless, and vegetable.  (Note: Mushroom is not vegan! It’s vegetarian with whey.)
  • No MSG
  • Organic and Non-organic options
  • No Additives to make oils mix un-naturally (think real peanut butter)
  • Kosher (vegetable bases only, see the labels)
  • Available online and in some stores around the nation
  • At least 30 servings per jar (it states 38 but I have problems getting that many)
  • Convenience and easy to use
  • No preservatives since it will go bad after time
  • Rich flavor that is hard to tell if vegan or not


  • Some do contain free glutamic acid (byproduct from production process)
  • Not tested for gluten so no evidence either way (although if you have questions about where products come from they will let you know)
  • Contains Maltodextrin (glycemic index of 130) from corn
  • Hard to find in stores around the nation (many such as Meijer will have non-vegan options but not the vegan options)
  • Must be refrigerated after opening so please don’t plan on taking on a camping trip

Dental Products:

For years, we have been using a product line called Spry toothpaste and mouthwash.  It is a company out of Utah that started with nasal products but when into xylitol dental products.  We are so glad they made this extension of the brand because the products are truly amazing.  Our first encounter with the product line was from our neighbors in Chicagoland when we used to own a house there.  They spoke so highly of the results from their last dental visit we knew we wanted to test it out too, since then we haven’t stopped using the brand.  This was almost ten years ago now.  But, we do love testing out new products so this last month I started to do some investigation work on Ayurvedic neem and peelu (“toothbrush trees”).  These are two ingredients that can help fight against gingivitis, cavities and other dental issues.  There are some inspiring stores given by users of these two ingredients and I urge all of you interested to read about them at least in a bit of detail to find out more information.  I have no affiliations to these trees, so don’t worry I’m not trying to sell them for a profit.  The results are just shocking so I want to share with all of you.  Additionally I have started to oil pull, maybe not on a daily basis, but I can tell the difference already.  I want to test these products and the oil pulling for a few more weeks before I share my experiences with all of you.  So look forward to that article.

So these are the products we are enjoying right now in our kitchen and in our bathroom.  What products do you use?  Any suggestions?

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