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Zoe Oil Product Line Review

FTC Legality For Product Review:  I was given 2 free products with the request for a personal review.  All opinions are completely my own and I was never asked to write a positive review in return for the free products or paid at any time.

Michigan is my birth-state and for this reason I always lean towards finding local products being produced in the world’s longest freshwater coastline.  The state is not just Kellogg’s cereal and automobiles, it is a hidden entrepreneur trove of fresh products.  Sure there are products out there that are popular and in high-demand but that does not mean new companies are not popping up around the nation that are better in quality and locally produced.  Scoping locally grown and produced products just reinforces ones’ appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship from our states’ lineage.  It’s rather a right of kinship in a Scottish clan. (Possible Giveaway Below)

With this said, I was more than thrilled to be contacted by a local company by the name of Zoye.  Zoye is an oil company, not the Texas kind but the type for cooking.  The oil is made from Michigan-grown, Non-GMO soybeans and harvested in Zeeland, Michigan (near Grand Rapids).  The final products are then bottled about 2 1/2 hours in Livonia, Michigan (near Detroit).  Following the reduction of the automobile industry, this production line being completed in Detroit, is sure to bring many more necessary jobs to those unemployed in the Detroit area.  It brings warmth to my heart to any company that is assisting in the rebuild of this almost forgotten but important metropolis.  Supporting a company such as this, supports our states’ brothers and sisters, something I’m all about and hope you are too.

Zoye Premium Vegetable Oil Review

So what makes this product different than the other soybean oils?  First off, I want to re-instate that Zoye products are Non-GMO, something hard to find with other brands.  Non-GMO, for those of you unaware, is a huge debate right now in the USA.  GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms” which is basically when a company artificially manipulates a food product.  So a non-gmo oil (such as Zoye Oils) comes from real soybeans that have never been altered.  That means you aren’t paying for fake ingredients in your oils.  Maybe fake ingredients don’t bother you but I’m all about natural, real ingredients in my food.  Food is fuel for the body, so let’s try to get the best fuel for our buck.  More information about non-GMO benefits and the debate can be found here.

But this product review is about my experiences with this product line, not about the endless political debate over non-GMO and the rights for companies to use them.  So now on to the pros and cons of the Zoye oils:



  • Not available around the nation in all stores
  • Only available in up to 32oz bottles (May be difficult for businesses)
  • Zoye But-R-Lite contains TBHQ (The Vegetable Oil Does Not!)

As you can tell, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  It was a pleasure to test the  Premium Vegetable Oil (which is actually 100% Soybean oil).  Soybeans are actually legumes, not vegetables so the name is a bit confusing.  Shouldn’t it be called Soybean or Legume Oil?  The Zoye Premium Vegetable Oil contains a nice, rich flavor that I grew to be accustomed to living in Japan. It’s rather hard to find quality soybean oil, outside of Asian markets, worth the money in the USA.  We tried it in just about everything from cooking on the stovetop, baking breads and also baking tasty desserts.  At no time did the oil smoke from too high of heat nor did it ever fail in baked items. Likewise the But-R-Lit was almost as if we were using melted butter.  It was so easy to use in baked items instead of melting vegan butter.  Additionally there were times I substituted it for olive oil and used it as a butter substitute which gave each baked item an amazing buttery flavor like ‘grandma’s home-cooking’.

Zoye Premium But-R-Lit Review

There is one ingredient though of concern which is listed under my CONS list, probably the only thing that would keep me from buying the But-R-Lit more often.  And this is me being totally honest with all of you, since some of you want the healthiest options available.  The problem for us is TBHQ, (a petroleum derived ingredient) since we are very specific about the chemicals and preservatives that go into our food.  Not everyone is this picky, probably 80% of you reading this are not as picky as us but I want to express it just in case.  Here’s more information about why preservatives are thought to be harmful in large doses.  Technically, TBHQ is an antioxidant (not a preservative) but it does basically the same thing, which is to make the food last longer and keep its color on the shelves.  Now, don’t get me wrong, small doses of it are not recognized by the FDA to harm humans but I am of the personality that is all-or-nothing.  The FDA regulates any company from using a dangerous amount higher than 0.02 of oils, so it is commonly found in frozen foods such as fish and noodles.  But it is also used in paints and varnishes too.  It’s known to be found in McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, but I wouldn’t eat those either.  In the end, it is all up to your preferences on small doses of a commonly used preservative.

So let’s get down to business for the real reason why you guys are reading, still, after all this information.  Would I purchase this again? 100% yes we would purchase these two products again.  The Zoye has such a high quality and taste compared to the brands in our local stores.  It works in everything we have tried and never weighs down the baked items like some more common brands of oils on the market.  The But-R-Lit, while I did absolutely love the product in baked items, we probably would not purchase as much.  Near special occasions when I am baking more often, think holidays such as Christmas, I can just image getting a few bottles to reduce time in the kitchen and create better tasting buttery foods.  The butter flavor is just so strong that it can even out perform traditional butter – minus the guilt and cholesterol.  I made the best vegan copycat Little Caesars’ breadsticks with it and the entire batch was gone within seconds.  It was possibly the best ones we have made so far!  Actually both products were simply a true example of what American made products are all about and why we should be searching more often for locally produced products.

If you are searching for Zoye oils in your area, you can either go to the main website and do a location search or just buy from Amazon.com.  Warning, while you won’t be sorry you tried these oils, you will be going back for more orders often.  Might as well buy a few at a time…

Zoye Oil Giveaway

When I was asked to review the product, I was also told there might be a giveaway to my readers. I’ll keep you updated on that information since I have not heard from the company of the details. I’ll let you know when I hear.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for my opinions and am not an affiliate for Zoye Oils so I make no commission off from any of you buying the products after reading my review.