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Prove to bullies wrong

There are a lot of great inspirational videos, blogs, books, tweets and the entire endless list out there which state one does not have to prove anything but be happy within oneself.  We’ve all seen them so I won’t bother you with sharing these images.  While the thought of not comparing oneself to another is perfectly valid and noteworthy, I would like to make a jump on my soapbox and start a new, just as important, trend.  Let’s make it our duty to stands up to those bullies sitting around in comfy chairs in schools, corporations, universities and so on which get away with mistreating those “under” them on the corporate ladder.  Adults are bullied too.

bullies in university jobs

As you know I do work from my home office, so I have no direct supervisor peering over as I work.  It is a blessing on days when I hear of employees being mistreated day in and day out.  I know of a person that is being bullied at work and after this person mentioned something to a head boss, that person was pushed aside and is now being bullied by higher up officials too.  I’m not sure where this unmorality comes from in these heads of departments but it is never okay to treat someone as though he/she is uneducated or worthless.  A person that tears down another person should be fined for a crime.

Stop University Bullying in the office

A person’s pride is not something to fool around with and can be very difficult to build back up afterwards.  Hence, I want to urge all of you whom are being bullied even in adult life to stand up and prove to them that you are worth more than their behavior is worth.  Prove to them that even though they hold your job in their hands you are not going to let them tear down your self-worth and self-confidence.  Prove to them through hard work you are better than they keep stating.  It’s not to prove to them your self-worth, it’s to just prove they were wrong.  Give them no chance to tell you that something you have completed is wrong.  Give them no justice!  Prove to them you are worth everything in the world!  (Because you are!)

Do everything that you said you couldn't

Prove they were wrong

You are smart

Prove yourself to others

prove your bullies wrong

Don't let your insecurities run your life

You are worth it quotes

don't doubt yourself

You are worth it quotes

You are worth it quotes

Remember even if a person is in a higher position of authority it does not give them the right to be rude and tear you down.  Prove to them they are wrong, not for them because they aren’t worth it, but for yourself.  Bullies do not believe in the workplace nor in schools, so we should stop them now!

stop bullying