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Fall recipe vegan pumpkin coffee cake

Fall leaves are vastly changing all around us, so today I bring to all of you Genki Friends this pumpkin coffee cake recipe.  If you have not fallen onto the harvest season bandwagon, this recipe is certainly going to have you heading to the pumpkin patch looking for a seat on the hay wagon rides.

Zoye But-R-Lite Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe

Sorry for the lighting, it was so dark when I started to make this recipe for Genki Husband. What we do for our loved ones, right?

Coffee Cake Vegan Recipe before the icing

This is the coffee cake before I put on the icing, I would say the last step although not as pretty would taste just as good.

Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe

Nice and crumbly just as a coffee cake should be..Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake RecipeThe original to this recipe comes from a website called Sally’s Baking Addiction so I don’t want to give you the full recipe since it is not mine.  Luckily for all of us, this recipe is free and available on her site.  I did make a few changes though to assure it was vegan and to our tastebuds. Below are my changes- I can’t guarantee the original since I did not make it 100% so I want to be certain what I did to make this turn out.

Crumb Topping:  I skipped the butter and went straight to my Zoye But-R-Lit which is a vegan option and made in my local area in Michigan.  It is such must easier than using cold vegan butter!

Cake Batter: I subtracted the nutmeg (I’m allergic) and added 1/2 tsp ground cloves instead of 1/4 tsp.  For the oil I used Zoye Vegetable Oil which gives the dough a nice moist texture instead of weighting it down like other oils tend to do.  Milk I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Glaze:I have never seen a vegan version of a pumpkin spice creamer so instead I used maple syrup and a little almond milk.  It turned out great!  Normally I would use maple extract but I had not noticed we were out.

The results were in from all of Genki Husband’s colleagues – it was delicious!  They loved it and there was just one piece left when returning the plate after work.  I did try a piece of this cake but did not find it as Pumpkin filled as I thought it would with almost a whole can of pumpkin.  I think I would actually boost up the pumpkin to a full  can of pumpkin puree instead of just 1 cup.  Secondly I would rather prefer to not make the frosting as it was not needed.  Otherwise the breakfast for the guys was a success.  It was moist and crumbly just like a coffee cake should turn out and had a nice light flavor (not too spicy).

Zoe Inspired But-R-Iite Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe Vegan