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Fall Bucket List

Fall is one of my three favorites season, if you are a follower you know how much I love spring and summer.  If we could just go from Fall into spring that would be my perfect dream world.  But then again it’s probably safer for the vast majority of people to stay in the real world, instead of my dream world.  See what is on my bucket list this autumn season.

Every wonder why Americans use the two terms Fall and Autumn?  I went searching for the answer to this question but was not able to come up with just one answer.  Apparently, the term ‘Fall’ is used basically just in North America (that’s Canadians and Americans) while the British use the term ‘Autumn’ almost exclusively.  Either term is acceptable, as is Harvest season, so whatever you use in your country, continue on with the fun.

2015 Fall Bucket List:

  1. Pick Apples: I’ve done this since I was small.  It is a great method to teach children (and adults, no judgement here) of the wonders of the harvest season.  (Video Here.) Apple grow from the naturally enriched soil and throughout the entire spring and summer continue to grow until the harvest season.  There is an apple stage   Additionally, if you have time, take a look at this tree that grows 40 different types of fruit! Amazing! 40 Kinds of Fruit Tree)  So we intend on going to the apple orchard to pick some apples.  We already picked some from our neighbors yard (with permission) but intend on getting a ton more.
  2. Pick Pumpkins from Patch: Pumpkins this time of year are a must in our household. This means we will go to the pumpkin patch (just like Charlie Brown) and find the perfect pumpkin. Okay, so maybe I will go a bit overboard and buy like ten but just think of all the possibilities of pumpkins in the kitchen!  Note: Most pumpkins are edible, unless treated with something special for life longevity (or those plastic ones).  Stores do sell smaller pumpkins, called pie pumpkins, which are not necessarily different than the carving ones but are smaller so the taste it a bit more robust. Check out the pumpkin patch locater website (yes, there is one!) and find one nearby.
  3. Carve a Pumpkin:  Time honored tradition in America, right?  I have taught so many international people how to do this Halloween custom. Here’s a fun instructional video with Kari Byron or this video with DaveHax.  Search the internet and you can find a lot of different resources on how to carve a pumpkin.  My favorite each year is, of course, Hello Kitty.  But you can choose your own. If you live in an area without pumpkins, go for a squash, apple or anything that will last a few days.
  4. Fall Foliage: There’s nothing like driving through an area with tons of fall foliage to be seen.  In Virginia, I would highly recommend the Shenandoah Mountains, Skyline View.  It is one of the most amazing views I have seen in America when it comes to the fall season.  There is a fee per car but it is really worth it.  Note: there are millions of people from around the world on this drive so plan for a few hours.  Take a picnic and make it a full day.  In Indiana, I would suggest Purdue University, it is one of the most magical places to visit this time of year.  And I’m not just saying that because it’s my alma mater but because it just won an award for it’s excellence this time of year.
  5. Drink Apple Cider:  Many people find it strange I love apple cider, seeing as I have a special hatred for cooked fruit.  But apple cider in Michigan is much different than the varieties sold around the nation in stores.  Corey Lake Orchard, I’ve written of it  many of times, has a license to sell unpasteurized apple cider.  If you have never had unpasteurized, you are missing out.  If it’s pasteurized then you are just drinking apple juice.  The taste is completely different!  So we buy gallons of the stuff during the fall and autumn season.  Then we make “spiked” apple cider on cold winter parties or tailgate parties.
  6. Light Fall Candles:  Summers are normally dry and hot where we live so we can not have candles lit during these months.  Hence, fall comes into season and we are all about scented candles in our household.  There are so many different types of candles scents out there but our favorite is Apple Cinnamon, it just gives the house an autumn homey feeling.  It really sets the mood for the season.
  7. BBQ Outdoors:  Fall season lasts around 2-3 months in our location so that means we cram every last warm day with sitting outside and enjoying our backyard complete with grill.  Oven, nope not this time of year! (Okay maybe on cold days.)
  8. Have a Picnic:  Again pack these last few months of warmish weather with getting outside – enjoy a picnic.
  9. Make a Leaf Art:  Leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees.  Turn on your childhood excitement for these leaves and go out for a nice walk and collect some leaves.  It’s a fun exercise to grab some leaves and make them into a fall art piece.  I remember elementary school projects each year
  10. Attend Football Tailgate Party:  Genki Husband works at a University so that means we get to take advantage of “work parties”, aka tailgate parties.  Why go to the game when you can go to the tailgate party, right?  Okay, so maybe some of you football fans want to go to the game but I’m perfectly happy checking out the highlights later that night.
  11. Drink Vegan Pumpkin Latte:  An allergy to hazelnut and nutmeg makes it really hard this time of year to enjoy a nice hot drink or fall pastry at local restaurants.  Pumpkin spice tends to contain either one of these so I have to steer clear of these items.  Thankfully I have a kitchen and I can recreate these items myself.  It’s healthier and won’t block my air passageway.  (win-win!)
  12. Make Fall Cookies:  Who doesn’t want a fall inspired cookie?  I’m a sucker for just about anything dealing with a seasonal decoration or celebration.  Vegans are allowed to celebrate too so I tend to make at least 1 batch of fall inspired cookies.  These usually include pumpkin, leaves, cats and etc cookie shapes.  Genki Husband’s colleagues haven’t complained yet.
  13. Cuddle with Loved Ones:  The switch from summer hot days to cold fall nights sends my sensual side in full cuddle mode.  There is nothing like lighting the fireplace, grabbing a good book and having a nice cuddle with the hubby or furry baby under a warm crocheted blanket.
  14. Decorate Door Wreath:  Place a decorative fall wreath on the door to signal the start of a new season. Personally I adore the idea of placing something new out on our door each season. (The exception of summer because I love everything clear and clean.)  Our fall wreath is covered in harvest items such as guards and pumpkins.  We do not do Halloween as much but we love to have something.
  15. Bake Apple Pie:  Nothing says fall (or American) like a steamy hot apple pie fresh from the oven.  In our household we take the apples we have picked for the orchard and make fresh apple pie.  These can be made and devoured instantly or you can hide one away and bring it out during Thanksgiving season.
  16. Hike Outdoors: Today it’s rather cold but there will be warmer days in this fall so we intend on taking advantage of the warmish weather and taking in some hikes before it’s too late.
  17. Make Chili:  Yep, it’s that time of the year again!  Chili is a normal staple in our household and we can’t go a year without it.  The way I make it is a one-pot meal of harvest goodies.
  18. Crochet a Pumpkin:  This year I want to make Amigurumi to give our as little presents to trick-or-treaters.  This might be hard if you have a lot of kids in your neighborhood but seeing as we don’t celebrate the holiday, we tend to just get a few things for people we know and give it to them as a harvest present.  I want to make cute Amigurumi’s for the kids we know as something special and is also animal friendly.

This is my bucket list for this fall.  What’s on your list?  Is there anything you might suggest to us to do?