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October 2015

The start of October, for me, has always been the official start to the fall season.  It is a season that is filled the colors, fresh scents, plenty of harvest, pumpkins and chances to drink tons of apple cider from the local orchards.  Even though the nights are cooler and days are shorter, it is a time we can all gather around a fire pit and enjoy each others’ company.  To kick off the fall season I would like to share with you some of my favorites that I look forward to this fall season.  Let me know in the comments section what your favorite thing is in the fall season.

thunderstorms in MichiganIt may sound strange (especially to those of you in California) but we love our thunderstorms here in the northern states.  Wait, let me clarify, we love rain storms.  (Not that white stuff…)  Thunderstorms remind us the strength Mother Earth has over us.  It is a soothing time to sit indoors and read while cuddling with a loved one (human or furry).

sunsets in Michigan

Sunsets become just as colorful as the changing of the fall leaves.  The cooler nights bring upon gorgeous color shows every night and morning.

tomato harvest in michigan

Fresh produce such as tomatoes, apples and pumpkins!


Of course, pumpkins!  Lots of them!  We love to decorate with them and also eat them.  Yum!

Fall Leaves

Of course something to look forward to are the leaves changing colors.  We might just have to drive down to Shenandoah Mountains where we used to live to drive the Skyline road.

Fall Lattes

Lattes are also coming back into style after the warm months of drinking frappucinos.  Unfortunately pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks aren’t vegan but we can make better ones at home.  Mmmm  Then we don’t have to get dressed to go out and get one.

tea and bonfire

It seems as though the perfect thing to do in the fall season is read, drink hot tea and enjoy some quality chat time near the bonfire.

crocheting in the fall

Crocheting indoors for Christmas presents.

furry baby cuddlesThen one of my favorites is cuddling with the furry babies.  Who wouldn’t want to do this in the fall season for warmth?  No electric heat necessary when you have pets.

fireplace cuddles

Fireplace cuddles are also a favorite of ours.


Sitting under the kotatsu, toasting the toes.  Okay, let’s be real, sleeping under the kotatsu and taking a nice fall nap with the furry babies.  That reminds me, we have to buy a kotatsu or make one.

These are just a few of my favorites things in the fall season.  What are yours?