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Earth Burger in San Antonio, Texas Vegan fast food

There were many things that surprised us about Texas on our most recent trip, one being how much the state reminded us of Australia.  Something we did not plan for was a fully vegan plant-based fast food restaurant called Earth Burger.  It just happened we were traveling through San Antonio, Texas.

Earth Burger in San Antonio, Texas Vegan Restaurant

The restaurant looks like a retro 1950’s style burger joint on the outside but funky on the inside.  It’s a very happy inducing color-scheme that I assume would not really offend anyone.  By this I mean it’s not too over-the-top ‘hippie, tree loving’ of a vegan restaurant that some people would not want to enter.  It’s just a fun, color filled area that has amazing plant-based food.  It looks small on the outside but is much bigger on the inside.  And yes, there are life-saving bathrooms.  (wait, maybe this is just my life-saver but…)

Earth Burger Vegan Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas

There are two options for ordering: inside at the counter or drive-thru.  Yes you read that it is a vegan drive-thru!  I almost want to move there just for this restaurant!  Okay, so maybe that is a bit of a rash decision and I would gain about 100 lbs the first year but this is the first drive-thru I have ever seen for vegans!  Thank you Earth Burger, I clap to you in praise!


Earth Burger menu vegan

This is the menu, nice and sweet.  At first I was worried there weren’t going to be many choices but then I looked at it again and how sweet is this menu?  There are plenty of different choices for fast food items and I’m sure even if I did decide to move there I wouldn’t get tired.  There is an adult and a kid menu.  (I’m not lying, there’s both!)  Then there is also a vegan dessert section.  Now that I am looking at it closer, I see they have vegan soft serve ice cream, what!?!?!  Genki Husband how did we miss that?

Earth Burger Vegan Fast Food in San Antonio, Texas

Since we stopped by the Alamo Mission, we were in a hurry to get to the airport.  Actually we had less than an hour so we were not only hangry but we were also pushed for time.  We went into the restaurant to see what it was all about (and to use the restrooms), to order our food.  Then we took everything to go with us.  Note:  If you are flying, you can put your condiments in your liquids bag and go through TSA pre-check security. Additionally you can take salads as long as the liquid is poured over the salad and is not too liquid.  It does have to go through with your shoes though, your choice.

Earth Burger French Fries Vegan

So you know my life of french fries, it was obviously one of the first things I ordered.  These actually were a bit disappointing to tell you the truth.  It wasn’t bad but there was nothing really special about them.  Just deep-fried frozen fries…  like what you buy from the store.

Earth Burger Vegan review Texas

This was the Spicy Chick’n burger – my first choice and one of the main reasons why I wanted to go here instead of other local vegan restaurants.  It turned out to be both of our favorite.  I wouldn’t necessarily call this spicy like the BOCA spicy Chick’n patty but it did have a nice fried texture and chick’n taste.  I would think if you served this to a non-vegan, he/she would love it too.  There was a great crunch which is what you want but seldom get.  We would order this again and again.

Earth Burger Veggie Burger San Antonio Vegan Texas

Coming in second was this Earth Burger which is the veggie burger available.  This was better than your average veggie burger from most restaurants but nothing again special.  We were thinking it was going to come with a Texas twist of spice or something but nope just normal.  It was worth the money though and we would buy this again.

Fishless Sandwich from Earth Burger in San Antonio, Texas Vegan

Ironically the one sandwich photo that wasn’t blurry was the fishless sandwich and our least favorite.  The “fish” tasted like the “Chick’n” but sprinkled with a ton of seaweed flakes, nutritional yeast flakes and salt.  We were not in favor of this at all because it was rather like eating a salt chunk.  This might be liked by some people but we lean on the side of having less salt.  It was okay but we would not purchase it again.  If you are like us and want to purchase as much as possible since it might be your last chance at vegan food for hours, go for it and test it out.  But if you are like normal people and just want one sandwich, I would suggest the other two instead.

The staff at Earth Burger were super kind and it did not feel as though we were being rushed at all even though it was busy.  There is a smaller menu so it makes things easier when you have issues making decisions like us.  We would highly recommend the Spicy Chick’n Burger or the Earth Burger as these were our favorites.  If you want to save on the calories skip the fries.  Speaking of calories, all items have calorie counts listed clearly on the menu.

So if you are going to San Antonio, or are lucky enough to live there, go ahead and check out this amazing Vegan/Vegetarian Plant-Based restaurant.  You will not be sorry!  It is located right near a mall, so your GPS might take you to the wrong place.  Just keep driving around the mall and look for the soon to be famous flying carrot sign.  Enjoy!