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vegan travels to san antonio, texas

Day 3 of our trip to Texas and we are finally doing some major destination sightseeing.  We normally do a lot of destinations but unfortunately for this short weekend trip we were full to the brim with activities with our friends in Georgetown, Texas.  We had a lovely time with our friends and we would not have changed it for anything.  So, see what we did on our last day in San Antonio, Texas before flying out of this amazing city.

The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, TexasWe left our friends house very early in the morning so we could go to visit this enchanting location called the Alamo.  Just this last year it was designated as the first sight in Texas by UNESCO for being an historical/cultural sight.  It is a place I have seen in history books but have never really thought about where it was located.  It was funny because the night before we were to leave I looked at the website for it and found out it was someplace we could actually see before flying out of the airport.  We then went the next morning.

Many of you might not remember or have even heard of The Alamo so I’m adding a video here so you can enjoy learning about it.

The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas 2015The Alamo is just about 15 minutes from the San Antonio Airport so it’s very convenient to travel to without worrying of missing ones’ flight.  Plus it helps you can walk right into the airport and basically walk through TSA pre-check security seeing as they have it down to an art form.  Plus they are super kind.  Back to The Alamo though, this is a free sight to see you just have to wait in line for your turn.  It is a shrine today though and one can not touch any part of the stone.  Hats and other acts of respect should be taken into consideration (the staff will tell you to remove hats – we watched them instruct people).  It is self-guided or headphone can be purchased with installed audio for I think it was around $15 each.  Seeing as we were very short on time we took about 30 minutes or less to go through the small building and gift shop.  If we were doing it again or suggesting to a friend, probably 1 hour would be more suitable as a time frame.

The Alamo Mission Gardens

When you are walking through the main shrine which used to be a Catholic church (watch the video above), there is a small center garden.  In this area we really felt like it used to be a Catholic church.  We could imagine it better outside than inside seeing as the main building was completely different than todays’ churches.

Palm Trees in the Alamo Mission Garden San Antonio, Texas 2015This garden contained a lot of different palms that I probably took way too many photos of because I love palm trees so much.  There’s something about them that calms me whether it be the appearance of them or the swaying of the leaves I do not know but I love them.

The gardens at the Alamo in San Antonio, TexasA few more just because for me…. you can scroll down…

Prickly Pears in the Alamo Mission GardensPrickly Pears were also in full bloom when we were there.  If I remember correctly from my trip to Arizona these are edible.

The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas 2015

There is just so much to see and take in while at the Alamo.  You really do need a bit more than 30 minutes.  One can walk all around the Alamo Mission.  There are also three other missions to see in the area if you have time (we did not).  We really need to go back one day to see it all.

The Alamo Cactus

Look how wavy this cactus is – I’ve never seen it like this.  Anyone know what this one is called?

San Antonio, Texas Vegan Travel 2015We actually got moving a bit later the morning we were supposed to fly back into Chicago, Illinois so we did not have as much to explore the city.  We would love to go back and just walk the streets and investigate the area.  There are so many architecturally intriguing buildings as we drove past looking for a parking spot.  Which by the way, I would highly suggest looking for cheaper parking or free parking in the city instead of entering a city run parking garage.  We actually paid $20 for 30 minutes!  The 0-2 hours are $20, so basically if you enter a garage you are to pay $20 no matter if they are full or not.  We thought this was a bit high seeing as it is off season.

Vegan Travels to San Antonio, Texas Another building we found interesting but did not have enough to time look at outside the car.  Seriously, more time is necessary.

We loved our entire trip and felt like a weekend trip was just not enough to explore the entire area.  This trip was a fast one so we could go down for the race but we are hoping to get back there in the next few years when work is a little less demanding (does it ever get that way?) so we can take some more time.  I would highly recommend the San Antonio, Georgetown and Austin area.  There are a lot of different vegan restaurants and I believe the first Whole Foods Market is down there.  Next time we will find it!

Coming Up Next:  Vegan Fast Food Restaurant!