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Vegan in Texas TravelsSee part two of our short weekend trip away from our Northern state of Indiana to the Great State of Texas.  While veganism is not as popular in rural areas, visiting Texas does not have to be a task too hard to handle.  We went to three main areas of Texas: San Antonio, Austin and mostly in a smaller town called Georgetown.  See what we did while down there by pushing the button to see more.

Lone Star Le Mans race at Circuit of the Americas 2015As you might remember, this trip was built around visiting family friends that moved down to Texas and also the Lone Star Le Mans Race.  Above is a photo of said race, taken by Genki Husband.  It was such a thrill to find out the race was about 45 minutes from our friends house which meant Genki Husband was able to go to the whole day even with another racing fan.  Genki Husband is in love with Le Mans, he even watches it in the gym while doing the machines.  This is the only Le Mans raced in the USA.  It is a full two day of events that starts on Friday (we couldn’t get off for qualifications) and then on Saturday two races are held.  If you guy are interested I can have Genki Husband write something more up about it but that’s the main idea of the race.  It was shockingly not very busy at the race for being the only race in America.  I believe it’s held once a year so maybe next year more people will go to this great event.  Genki Husband was thrilled and still has not stopped talking about it.

Lone Star Le Mans Race 2015The race course is completely closed off to outside food and drinks so everything must be purchased inside the event.  This was strange for us born Northerners seeing as Indy 500 people bring large coolers into the race full of food and beer.  It’s more of a family friendly event than the Circuit of the Americas.  As a vegan, this is really hard seeing as there were about ten or less venders serving food.  Genki Husband did sneak in a Clif Bar (shh) for extra food but as the race was from about 10A.M. to 11P.M., it was hardly enough for the entire day.  All food is then prorated to about $10 for a taco at each location across the board.  I assume it could get a bit too pricy for families or people sticking to a budget.  The event location is rather far out into the country too so it’s hard to just leave and come back in to the event.  So what they have is what you get.  That’s one thing that could make the whole experience a bit better and possibly bring in more people.

Lone Star Le Mans Race 2015This was one of the trucks serving food that Genki Husband ate.  There were only two locations that actually had anything moderately vegetarian/vegan.  I love that the food trucks did have mostly local products – Go Texan!

Lone Star Le Mans Race 2015 FoodThis is mostly what he ordered which is supposed to be something like black beans and a homemade slaw.  Isn’t it fantastic to see all the fresh veggies on top?!  That is one thing I feel in love with while there is all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are served at restaurants.  Normally here at the races hamburgers and hot dogs are served.  While I am sure these were served in Texas too, it was nice to have more options.  Unfortunately as you can tell this was served with cheese…  it was ordered without but it came with a little on top.  Can’t win every time…  It was easy to take off though.

Lone Star Le Mans Race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas 2015This is the photo that Genki Husband sent to me while he was at the race.  (Remember I went shopping with a friend.)  It’s a great photo but I had to ask why he was taking a magazine cover of this man to the right.  My friend and I laughed so hard at this one.

Lone Star Le Mans Race 2015 Food

He ordered a vegan version of their fried avocado taco and this is what he was given after paying.  I’ve never seen this before going to Texas but found it everywhere there.  Texas Genki Friends, is this popular?  It is slices of avocado deep-fried and placed on a tortilla and covered in a homemade cabbage slaw.  Look at that fresh cilantro, try not to look at the cheese that made it on top again.

Lone Star Le Mans Race 2015 FoodPoor Genki Husband is used to full homemade meals full of nutrients and calories so this was a big change for him.  He then ordered another taco for himself since he was so hungry. I felt so sorry for him the entire time because he was hungry throughout the entire race.  The next day he was ravenous. This is essentially the same as above but even more cheese even though ordered without cheese.

Salado Texas shopping 2015So while the boys were at the race for the entire day, us girls took it easy to lounge around the patio and chat for a few hours.  Then we took off for here, it’s a small old-fashioned city called Salado.  It’s a bit scary looking at the outside of the building but once you go into the stores you notice there is a lot of heart in the stores.  These are actually nice Mom and Pop owned boutiques which I absolutely love.  The store owners were so kind and lovely to chat with when walking in, it was a bit odd for a Northerner to walk into these stores because everyone talked to you.  This really isn’t done up North in Indiana.  Things are slower in Texas, which I have to admit I like sometimes (at least on vacation).

Salado Texas ShoppingOnce you take a closer look at these stores, it is visible that each one has character of its own.

Salado Texas Shopping 2015

There is just so much character to each little area of the shops that it’s hard not to stop and take a look at each one of them.  I felt like I was on a movie set.

Salado, Texas Shopping 2015Then a lot of the places like this one reminded me of Australia and we felt sad because we missed our Aussie family and friends.

Salado, Texas Shopping Trip

Near other stores it felt like you were being transported to your Grandmother’s garden house.  These wildflowers were just outside the shops.  It was a great way to enter.

Salado, TexasA shopping trip would not be complete without a candy store right?  This was the candy store that was located in Salado, Texas.  The candy can be placed in a provided clear plastic bag and then is weighed by the pound.  When I visited it was $9.99/lb but this will change I’m sure so don’t quote me on this rate please.

Salado, Texas Shopping Candy

Every store needs one of these right?  It’s a giant gumball machine!

Eating Vegan in Salado, Texas 2015 The Shed

After a few hours of shopping I took my friend out to lunch at this recommended restaurant called The Shed.  It is rightfully called The Shed because, well, it was a shed and now it’s a restaurant.  It’s the perfect Texas looking restaurant for a tourist area.

The Shed in Salado, Texas Vegan Inside The Shed.  Yep, looked like a shed but at least it was clean and the waitstaff was wonderful!

Vegan at The Shed in Salado, Texas 2015The waitstaff was very kind and doubled checked to make sure everything was made vegan for me.  It was a salad so it wasn’t that hard but when someone does that, well, let’s just say I left a very nice tip.   This was a salad with 1 full quartered tomato, lettuce greens, mixed nuts, grapes, strawberries, a few slices of cucumbers and a raspberry vinaigrette.  The only thing that wasn’t vegan were the crackers but those were left behind.  It was a good salad, basic but at least there was an option.

Relaxing in Texas

When we were finished with shopping we returned to our friends house and relaxed outside again chatting.  My friend bought a good amount of fruit before we came (yep, that’s the way into my heart) and this was an apple she had purchased.  It was a larger than my head Red Delicious Apple.  Even though this was so large, it was super delicious and I ate the entire thing myself.  Normally I buy organic apples not only because of the health benefits of not having pesticides but also because they are smaller.  This apple was delicious though and I still am surprised I ate the entire thing.  (Wine, yes we are over 21 and legal.  Please drink responsibly!)

That’s pretty much how are entire day went, nothing special but just some nice quality time together with friends we have not seen for years.  We also got to enjoy the gorgeous 98F/37C temperature and almost no humidity.  Genki Husband is glad it was summer still in the north because it would have been much harder to get me on that plane returning in the wintery months.

Day 3 of our trip will be coming soon, it including a UNESCO designated historical/cultural site and also a vegan fast food restaurant!

Note:  Our trip to Texas was paid entirely by us and we were not sponsored nor given anything in review during this trip.  All of these opinions posted are our own.