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vegan in texas

The last few days I have been rather silent and this is for a good reason, I have been in Texas.  I can’t remember if I mentioned this months ago but part of my present to my husband were two tickets for the Le Mans Racing World Tour Series USA.  One ticket was for my husband and the other was for a friend of the family that lives down there.  Normally I go along with Genki Husband but seeing as our family friend lives just 45 minutes from the race location and he also loves European racing it was the perfect match for a good day out.  So we flew out last week and came back at the beginning of this week.  It was a short visit to Texas but it was a good amount of fun.

Vegan Hot Pocket BreakfastLet’s first start with our trip with breakfast, because besides coffee that’s how we start out each vacation right?!  One of the things I love about traveling is testing out new foods and planning what to make for the trip.  Yes, I’m that type of person.  This trip I wanted to have something for us to eat in the car to Chicago that was not filled with sugar.  Many of you may not know but I am hypoglycemic, so although I do have low counts of sugar in my bloodstream and my body does not process it correctly, I need to watch what goes into my body.  Moderation is always the key so eating a ton of donuts mixed with my low blood pressure, it is not good.  While studies have found there is no true “sugar high” just expectations of it, my body does not accept it well in a large dosage. So this recipe that I created was the perfect solution before a fly down south.  Recipe Coming Soon.

Argo Tea options for Vegans at chicago Ohare

When we finally made it to the airport, it was a bit later in the morning.  It was not quite breakfast but not quite lunch time.  So we settled on something to drink which we were thankful to find a tea place called Argo Tea.  Argo Tea is a brand that we have tried in bottle form from the store but were not impressed with to tell you the truth.  We are true tea drinkers and do not enjoy sugar in our teas.  So when we found this place had tea, we were really excited to test out their tea minus the mass marketed type full of sugar.  We ended up getting the Raspberry Green Tea with Bubbles, upon the suggestion from the employee working.  The employees were very friendly, we had a delightful time talking to them while we were making our selection.  We found out you can get it without sweetener but I think the coconut milk that was used had a good amount of sugar because this tea was sweet!  But it was very tasty as a dessert tea, especially with the jelly squares which they call bubbles.  (Not Tapioca)  We would suggest if you don’t mind getting a sweetened dessert tea.  So we ended up skipping sugar in our breakfast and moderating with some before our flight.  We shared one drink.

Vegan In Texas Car RentalWhen we entered in the Great State of Texas, we went straight from the airplane to the car rental area.  We flew into San Antonio which has a nice little airport instead of the bustling Austin Airport full of people.  I would highly suggest going to this airport any day!  The people were so friendly and it was actually a nice experience traveling through this airport.  This was our rental car, we chose an economy cars because we only had a few carry-ons.  Plus they are more zippy, right!

Texas WaterOur flight was only about 2 hours but when we arrived, we were very thirsty.  We forgot to purchase extra water at the Chicago Airport so we had to rely on the tiny plastic glass of drink the stewardess gave us during flight.  When did they stop giving full cans or refills?  After getting our rental we headed to the local Walmart which the car rental attendant told us was the closet place being it was about 2 miles away.  We bought an entire 6 pack of this Texas water for only $1.76!!!  I still am shocked!  Is water this cheap where you live?  How much do you pay?  We pay almost $2 for one bottle.  It was water, nothing much to say about it.

View just outside the San Antonio Airport, TexasThis is the view just outside the airport, it does feel much more tropical than I thought it would.  Actually Genki Husband and I kept commenting how much the area reminded us of Australia, minus the ocean.

Driving the toll road in Texas USAThe location we were going was actually closer to Austin than San Antonio but S.A was much cheaper to fly into and is rumored to be less busy.  We simply just rented a the car and drove alongside the toll road for over an hour and we were there.  The roads are very easy to drive, especially since there is so much open space.  We only had one problem and that was in the larger cities where there are these “turnaround” lanes that we keep thinking were the official turn lanes.  If you live in Texas you know what I mean.  Additionally we found it interesting that there is a Texas Electronic Toll Paying Pass (I-pass if you are from my area), if you do not have one the state will mail you a bill.  There are actual signs that state this process which is different than in our area where there are cash lanes.

Texas landscape in the countryThere just something beautiful about the bright blue skies, green tree leaves and brown ground that makes you love the landscape in Texas.

Flowering trees in TexasThen there are flowering trees that always make me smile.

Flowers in TexasThen there are these gorgeous flower that are hard to overlook.

Wildlife in TexasOf course when you are looking at flowers one has to be very careful about the wildlife.  I was actually pretty close to this guy because I paid attention to him watching my every move.

Christmas Cactus in TexasThen we get to my favorite plant which is of course the cactus.  This is a giant Christmas Cactus.  This is actually a form of what we buy here at Christmas only in a larger than life size.  Or do we buy smaller than life sized ones?

Christmas Cactus in Texas

This the same cactus from above only in the whole form.  This one was almost larger than the house!

Christmas Cactus in TexasHere’s a view of one that is smaller…

My First Tex Mex Meal in Texas - veganMy first Tex Mex Dinner in Texas. I’m not really sure what it was since the kitchen was out of what I previously ordered but they brought this out instead. I was told it had no meat or dairy (even though it did have cream cheese on it).  The red mystery sauce was delicious with the spinach underneath.  The pinto beans were questionable since I am not sure what was in them.  But I loved it after I took off the sour cream.  You take some you lose some…  Anyone know what this is?  It has a corn tortilla underneath filled with just spinach.

So that was basically the first day of our trip.  With the hustle and bustle of the travel, I forgot to take some photos of our food for the first part of the day.  We had some rice balls and a curry pan.  Then there may have been some peanut butter pretzels that came into our mouths but we aren’t going to talk about how many there were of those. ha-ha That reminds me, Trader Joe’s is selling their famous peanut butter pretzels again and they are still vegan.  These do taste a bit different now but are still totally worth it.  Yum!

So if you have been to Texas, what was your favorite dish to eat?  Place?