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Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Scone Recipe

Third installment of what we have been eating lately – there always seems to be a ton to share with all of you.  I love these sort of blog posts though because it helps me figure out what I want to eat for dinner.  Of course, I am the type that likes to look at Pinterest and Cookpad (Japanese food site) and think about meals to make…  anyone else do this too?  So if you are looking to either be a bit snoopy or be inspired for your meals, check out the link below for more.  Each photo comes with a description on the recipe or restaurant I purchased the item.  Enjoy!

Photo Above: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Scones (sprinkled with powdered sugar) made with Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat flour and Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips, accidentally vegan.  These are much heartier than traditional white flour scones so you will most likely eat less with these which can help if you are watching your calorie count.

Buddha Bowl anyone? This is an amazing way to use those frozen vegetables and potatoes in your refrigerator that otherwise might be lost in a few days. It can be made ahead and eaten any time of the day. #vegan #buddhabowl #easy #mealprep #recipeBuddha Bowls are very popular in our household right now since the weather is so nice.  There are so many days we spend every minute of sunshine outside and when it goes down we return home like lost days dirty and hungry.  This is why I always have prepared staples in our household ready for days such as these.  For this Budda Bowl I tossed in steamed Japanese rice, sweet potatoes, tons of spinach, black beans and mixed vegetables (carrots, corn, edamame and broccoli).  Toss it all together with a little soy sauce or 2 tsp of water and microwave or toss in a pan for a few minutes to warm everything through.

Fit Fierce and Fabulous TIU book recipe with tofu and fresh vegetables! See my review on my blog.Tofu Stir-Fry Made with Fresh Even of the Season Summer produce.  This was seasoned tofu that I sautéed in a frying pan with a little nonstick oil for about 5 minutes, flipping occasionally.  After the tofu was browned on all sides, I took it out of the frying pan and placed on a side plate in the oven to keep warm.  In the same frying pan I placed the cabbage, bell peppers, corn, spinach, onion and garlic with 2 tsp water and sautéed it for about 5 minutes, or until the vegetables were softened.  On top I cracked some fresh black pepper per my personal tastebud preferences.  On the side was steamed Japanese rice, cantaloupe and some salsa.  There was tons of flavor in the mixture though so the salsa wasn’t necessary.

#buddhabowl #vegan #recipe #mealprep #weightloss

Another Buddha Bowl with the addition of chickpeas and loads of spinach.  This is absolutely my favorite meal as of late.  It looks boring but is full of flavor.  If you are first starting out with a vegan lifestyle, please go ahead and mix in some different spice blends (no salt added).

Weight Loss Buddha Bowl with Christmas Lima BeansThis is another variation with the addition of steamed broccoli, Christmas lima beans, bell peppers and green beans.

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff recipe #vegan #recipeMushroom Stroganoff Recipe that is similar to Beef Stroganoff but made with vegetable broth and mushrooms.  No animals were hurt in the making of this meal (or any others in our household).  This recipe comes from PPK online.

Millet Buddha Bowl RecipeHere’s a more colorful version of the Buddha bowl but instead of steamed rice I used steamed millet.  For some reason millet is less heartier than rice so I like to add more vegetables than if I were using rice.  This has a lot of mini bell peppers which I don’t heat up but add to the mixture cold since I do not like warm peppers and want to have all the nutrients compared to when heating it up.  Additionally I added steamed broccoli, corn, edamame, carrots and black beans.  On the side I had a partial container of cherry tomatoes.


American eats Vegemite Vegan Approved English Muffins are very hard to find because many companies will choose to add milk to add flavor for some reason.  These are actually from Walmart and come at a very good price.  Occasionally we do buy Ezekiel Sprouted English Muffins but although healthier and tastier, the price is hard to fit into our personal budget.  If you can though, I suggest the Ezekiel sprouted English Muffins over the other ones but that might be personal preference.  But back to the breakfast I had English Muffins with my traditional Australian proud Vegemite, something I became addicted to from my little sister in Australia.  She supplies this addiction because I have not found a location that sells it in our area.  This certain day I had Earth Balance Vegan butter on the side because I was running out of vegemite.  It was a sad, sad day…  But thankfully I had enough to finish the meal out.

Vegan In our household we love to eat a lot of lentils.  Not only do these seeds cook fast but are also easy on your grocery bill.  Genki Husband loves his lentils cooked with vegan approved vegetable broth in our Japanese rice maker which gives the lentils a rich flavor of a “stewed meat”.  Even though I have never liked the tastes of animal meat I do not mind this method either.  Lately I have been making them without the vegetable broth because it does contain sodium and adding in a lot of other ingredients to mask the different in flavor of the missing broth.  This meal I made with the vegetable broth lentils, steamed millet a bit of cabbage and a side dish of fresh red lettuce.  Sriracha was also on the table since I have a slight addiction to this California condiment – the spicier the better but Genki Husband won’t get near the stuff.  I do try to limit how much I use though since it is a processed ingredient at the end of the day and it does mask the natural flavor of the ingredients in the dish.

Vegan BBQ #recipe #vegan #bbqField Roast Vegan burgers grilled outside in the sunshine by Genki Husband.  It was placed on a bed of freshly cut red lettuce and two sweet potatoes.  I also tried this Bragg Organic Braggberry Fat Free Dressing on top of the lettuce.  It is a bit sweet for my taste even though there are no sugars added because naturally through the berries.  This is my own personal tastes though, I do not like sweet dressings so unless you are like me, you will enjoy this dressing.  We purchased it at Whole Foods Market.  Unfortunately I have not seen it anywhere else in the stores as of yet but we do live in a small town.

Curry Tofu Buddha Bowl Recipe Vegan Seasoned Tofu Cubes over quinoa, vegetables and lentils.  My brother-in-law knows we love a certain curry seasoning so we get it every Christmas as a present.  There’s nothing like a good seasoning to take a general meal into something more gourmet.  You can find these season blends in a lot of speciality shops or if you have a larger supermarket right in the baking section next to the other spices.  Some kinds be a bit pricy but others can be very reasonable (or you can mix your own too).  I sautéed my tofu cubes in a frying pan with a little spray oil over high heat (because I have no patience for lower heat).  Just when the tofu is about browned on all sides, generously sprinkle the spice blend and gently stir everything together until well-coated.  This night I tossed in the tofu cubes on top of a bed of steamed quinoa, lentils and mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, broccoli and edamame).

Field Roast Vegan Burger BBQ dinner Recipe Field Roast vegan burger on top a slightly browned vegan approved English muffin.  My grill master BBQ’d this burger on the grill under the gorgeous summer sun.  On the side I placed an organic bed of spring greens (kale, spinach, chard and lettuce) and some Bragg Berry dressing.

Vegan cinnamon Rolls RecipeVegan Cinnamon Rolls is a must on certain days you want to spoil those people in your life that are special to you.  This pan of love I prepared on a Friday morning for my husband’s colleagues when they were all working really hard the entire week.  Sometimes super busy weeks require a little extra gift of love to spread around.  Or is this just me that does that? So this recipe I would love to take credit for but it was not mine – although I have used it a few times a year since I found it years ago.  On Christmas Eve I like to make this fresh but on early mornings I tend to prepare the pan of cinnamon rolls and place the raw rolls in the fridge.  Then on the morning intended for consumption I take the raw rolls out of the fridge, let them warm up for about 30 minutes while I am getting ready and then toss them in the oven.  They turn out a bit less fluffy but no one really notices except me.  Then I add a vegan cream cheese frosting that I have also prepared ahead of time.  Sometimes if we are really in a rush then I just send the frosting off in an individual container and everyone can add as much or as little as they want to his/her own roll.  Otherwise the frosting will completely melt all over the place and become crystalized.  This recipe makes a ton of rolls as shown but then also a few individual ones on the side too.

Vegan approved Jamba Juice OrderJamba Juice, yep we purchased fruit smoothies outside of the house sometimes.  This particular afternoon we played pickle ball for about 4 hours out in 90F so it was well deserved.  Fruit juices are a bit misunderstood I think as being lower in sugar than traditional fruit juices.  This is not exactly the case though because fruit smoothies do in fact have a lot of natural sugars but it does not store the same in the body as a processed fruit juice.  There’s nothing wrong with fruit smoothies but they probably should probably not be purchased on a daily occasion unless you are burning off a lot of calories and sugar.  Genki Husband and I shared this acai fruit smoothie – ask for no yogurt or sorbet since both contain dairy.