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Vegan tuna salad with tons of vegetables dinner idea

Hello Dear Genki Friends!  As promised here is part two of this series on what my family has been devouring in my kitchen.  Lately we have been very busy with 6-7 workouts a week and spending extra hours at work so things have been a bit crazy.  Plus, I find this time of year right between the seasons is the hardest to make full recipes due to the fact the harvest season is in full bloom here in Indiana and all I want are fresh vegetables.  For this reason you will notice there are a lot, practically borderline addiction, of buddha bowls.  This is for a good reason, all ingredients can be made ahead and placed in the fridge for up to one-week.  Then each night we tend to mix whatever “floats our boat” and warm it up when we return to the basecamp.  Simple, affordable and super healthy as long as you plan ahead.

Photo Above:  Vegan “tuna” salad made it back this summer again because it is full of protein is very easy to prepare.  As a personal preference I like mine over salad but it is just as good on top of a vegan approved bread.  I added fresh heirloom tomato slices from Corey Lake Orchards in Michigan for just a bit more texture.  On the side Genki Husband and I shared bell peppers, cucumbers, sugar snap peas and some fresh blueberries.  We also had Baba Ghanoush from Whole Foods Market in the chilled section for dipping the vegetables.  The Mediterranean dip probably wasn’t necessary but we had the Macros so probably should use them instead of lose them.

Vegan Buddha Bowl for lazy nights when you want a lot of nutrients RecipeUn-fried rice again of steamed Japanese rice, mixed vegetables (same as above), tons of fresh spinach, chickpeas and a large sweet potato.  Anything can be added to this rice mixture including different vegetables, soy sauce, herbs, spice mixes, curry powder, asafetida and etc.  There’s no limit to a Buddha Bowl!

Vegan buddha bowl recipe Yep, another Buddha Bowl (I warned you…)  This one contains steamed Japanese rice, tons of spinach, broccoli, a few sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, edamame and broccoli).

Field Roast Vegan burger dinner ideaBBQ night outside in the sunshine.  On the grill was fresh corn on the cob from Corey Lake Orchards in Michigan and also Field Roast Vegan Burgers.  Every time I go to a BBQ I hear the grill-masters asking how to cook the corn.  There are millions of ways to grill corn but in our household we keep it simple and buy as fresh corn as possible.  The corn cobs are cleaned and placed directly on the grill, no need for boiling in sugar water.  When the corn is done it will take on a deep yellow color and the grill marks just add a bit more caramelized flavor.  The burgers received mixed reviews in our household.  Genki Husband used to be a meat eater so he thought these were wonderful and similar to animal meat burgers (including the texture).  For me as a vegetable burger lover (not a substitute for animal meat burgers), I did not fall in love with them.  So depending on what type of burger lover you are, it determines on if you will love it or not.

Vegan Lightlife Smart burger lunch mealThis is a BBQ meal straight from the grill, thanks to my GrillMaster!  Gotta love a spouse that can work a BBQ.  This is the Lightlife Smart Burger over a bed of organic romaine (cos) lettuce and a side of purple seedless grapes.  I’m strange, I know because I am not a person that likes to eat vegan burger buns with my burgers.  I like my vegan burgers on a vegan approved English Muffin instead.  The dressing was the Bragg Berry dressing.

Vegan Boca Burger Lunch IdeaBoring lunch but nutritionally pretty good.  Even though I do work from a home office during the day, I tend to use only my microwave or eat everything raw.  So there’s no excuses for those of you whom work outside the house, you can eat nutritionally sound meals, it just takes a bit of planning.  This meal contained 2 boca vegan burgers, a Silk strawberry vegan soy yogurt and large bowl of fresh spinach warmed up with a little water.

Boca Spicy Chickenless patty dinner

Spicy chickenless patties on English muffins straight from the BBQ.  Then I had a side organic red lettuce salad and 1/2 cup vegan “tuna” salad.

Boca Spicy Chickenless Patty lunch idea

Spicy chickenless patties on English muffins has to be one of my favorite easy meals when I have substitute meats in the house.  This is the Boca Spicy Chickenless patty that can be purchased in a lot of supermarkets around the nation in the USA.  You can even find these in Walmart in the frozen section for normally around $2.99 for 4 patties.  The side dishes were fresh blueberries and fresh watermelon.  It may not be the most nutritionally sound meal but it does give me protein and some good nutrients.  It is a nice option when you eat a dinner full of fresh vegetables to round out your day.

Vegan Sausage and Gravy BreakfastVegan Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy, a true American breakfast.  This is normally not a great option for non-vegans because it contains a lot of fat and sodium.  If you are using vegan Gimme Lean sausage then there is zero fat per serving and the sodium content is not bad at all.  Hence, this is actually a decent meal for those looking for something a bit more hearty.  We make American biscuits recipe from peta.org and use this Sausage for our sausage gravy mixture.  We like to make this after a long-distance run out in the sunshine on Saturday mornings.  Every few months Genki Husband has a hankering for it so it is sometimes on our menu plan.

Vegan Latte RecipeVegan Latte at Home can be very easy to prepare.  We have a small espresso machine but if you make very strong coffee, it can be achieved just about the same.  I like a double shot of espresso with just a bit less than 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1 tsp coconut milk.  If you have an espresso machine you can follow the directions that it came with by just adding the steamed/frothed milk with the sugar.  Add the milk mixture into the espresso mixture and there you have a great latte at home.  No waiting lines.

Vegan Gardein Fishless and chips mealGardein Fishless Fillets and Homemade Chips.  This is a Friday favorite in our household because Genki Husband fell in love the first time we prepared it about a year ago in Michigan.  The fish fillets are in the freezer section of a lot of American grocery stores, sometimes we can find them in Walmart but not always.  The chips I wish I could share the recipe but it is from a cookbook that I absolutely think every vegan should have on hand.  It is a vegan substitute handbook but it actually contains a lot of wonderful recipes even as a seasoned vegan I love.  Buy the book here.

The fishless and chips is normally how we end our busy week of exercise and work.  So it is the perfect place to stop for this part 2 version of what we have been eating.  There will be another – come back tomorrow and it will be waiting for you.