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Vegan menu and meal planning ideasThere are times when I get clueless on what to make for meals in our household.  It reminds me of times when I used to work in Japan and at lunch my Japanese colleagues would all laugh because as we ate they would talk about what to make for dinner.  So I guess this is always the case no matter who you are or where you live.  So to help all of you out stuck on what to make for dinner, I would love to share what we have been having the last few weeks to inspire your healthy, vegan meals.

Photo Above: Pickleball has crept into our Saturdays after trying it for the first time about a month, or was it two months ago.  This racquet sport burns around 200 calories per 1/2 hour so afterwards we love to eat something with a good amount of calories to fill the void of those we burnt off.  So this was a vegan approved pretzel roll that we purchased from Whole Foods Market (note: most pretzels are not vegan) filled with Tofurky Deli Slices of two different kinds, vegan Daiya sliced cheddar cheese, and lettuce.  The two sides were cherry tomatoes and cantaloupe.  I assembled these sandwiches and then placed both in the toaster oven (a grill works too) for a few minutes for the cheese to melt and the pretzel to crisp on the outside.

Vegan Vegetable Soup Recipe EasyVegetable soup with pasta fresh tomatoes, green peas, two types of pasta, onions, garlic and a bit of basil and oregano from our garden.  Actually I tossed all of this in a pot and simmered it until the pasta was soft.  This could be placed in a crock pot for half a day too and work out just fine.

Harvest Millet Breakfast Recipe VeganFinally a breakfast item to share, why is it we do not have as exciting adventures with breakfast than we do with other meals of the day?  This was leftover millet that I added with 1:1 ratio of unsweetened almond milk, raw almonds, raisons, and some ground cinnamon.  This is very similar in taste with rice pudding.  Seeing as the millet was already cooked and chilled in my fridge, I just placed this entire bowl in the microwave and warmed all the way through.  This is perfect for a busy morning when you want something hearty but are short on time.  You can use any grain instead of millet but this is what I had on hand.

Vegan taco meat recipe Sparkpeople “taco meat” Recipe made from lentils, rice and a few everyday household spices.  This mixture was set atop a bed of mixed steamed vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.  It was all topped with a little avocado, a healthy fat.  On the side are homemade dill pickles.  This “taco meat” can also be placed on a tortilla (even better if you make your own tortilla) or a bed of rice.  It all depends on what you are feeling that day, I was just in the mood for steamed vegetables.  Tip:  I place my ingredients in my Japanese rice maker and just let it simmer that way while I do other things.  So easy!

Vegan Taco Meat Dinner Recipe

Same as above but I used less “taco meat” and more vegetables.  This was a lunch on a weekday when I eat less for lunch and more for dinner.  I used red bell pepper, cucumber and Michigan blueberries.

Vegan Macaroni And Cheese Recipe Idea

Daiya Vegan Premium Macaroni and Cheese (see my review here), a side of mixed vegetables, BOCA vegan burgers, and (2) sides of cucumber and red bell pepper.  The Daiya Macaroni and Cheese was a 1 person serving but the rest was shared among the two of us and there was leftovers for the next meal.

vegan restaurant eats in Alladin's Eatery in south bend, in, usAlladin’s eatery Hummus Garden Salad Wrap – and you thought I always ate at home right?  Genki Husband loves this restaurant so we go there on special occasions or just because he is in the mood.  This specific day we were going to buy my Macbook Pro and it just happened this restaurant was right down the street.  There are numerous of these restaurants in Ohio and in Indiana so I urge you to look at their website to see if there is a location near you, it’s worth it.

Vegan un-fried rice recipeUn-fried Rice with steamed white rice, fresh spinach, corn, carrots, edamame, broccoli, navy beans and a little soy sauce to round it all out.  I actually have these as staples in the fridge for busy work days and when I know I am going to need a lot of extra carbohydrates for a busy workout later in the day, I eat this was a ton of steamed Japanese rice.  It works out great.  If you are a meal planner, go ahead and mix this all together on your one meal prep day and then add a little soy sauce the day you are to warm it up in the microwave.

Buddha Bowl Vegan recipe healthySometimes I am not in the mood for a ton of different vegetables as seen above in the Buddha bowl so instead  I make something such as this one.  This contains Japanese steamed rice, a ton of spinach (I’m talking probably about 4 cups) and corn taken off the cob.  For protein I added black beans.  For a little extra flavor boost I added a little Japanese soy sauce.

Sausage Stir-fry Dinner RecipeSausage Stir-fry:  This is a stir-fry I tossed together on a day I was not as hungry but I was low on my protein for my macros.  It contains vegan Gimme Lean Sausage, fresh spinach, bell peppers, black beans, garlic, and fresh off the cob corn.  On the side was a few organic grown cherry tomatoes.  Everything was topped off with a little freshly cracked black pepper per my personal tastebuds.  This is a recipe you can adjust per your personal taste buds with a different vegetables that you have in your fridge or even freezer.  It tastes like you took a long time in the kitchen but in actuality it took 5 minutes.

Vegan Whole Wheat Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins RecipeWhole Wheat & Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins:  These are healthier muffins so if you are thinking these are going to be super light, you might want to try one of my other muffin recipes.  Whole Wheat Bran Muffins:To make vegan use a non-dairy milk and agave (instead of honey); I used an unsweetened almond milk.  These were pretty good but it was not as sweet, crumbly or fluffy as other muffins.  The vegan chocolate chips were 100% necessary to make the muffin recipe work out.

So that was the first installment- come back again for more posts of this sort with meal ideas and recipes.  Hopefully this series will help you to see you can eat nutritious while still on the go.  At all times I have prepared beans, frozen veggies, freshly steamed vegetables, prepared grains, and etc in my fridge for busy nights.  When I return home, I simply place a ton of it in a bowl and warm it up.  Endless possibilities!