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Potawatomi Zoo Review Vegan

Living in many different locations allows my husband and I to travel to many different locations, usually more specifically dealing with nature or animal affairs.  It is actually one of our bucket list goals to visit as many zoos as possible in America and even the world.  So far we have been to many different locations such as a fantastic zoo in Australia that allowed us to spend some time and pet rescued wallabies.  Our next trip to Australia we hope to get up to Queensland which happens to be the only legal place that allows zoo patrons to hold a koala.  (We did pet a few legally in NSW but not hold.)  While we are still in the states, we decided this weekend to go to our local zoo that has been in existence since 1902.  Check out my vegan opinion for whatever it is worth or just click ahead for photos of the adore zoo animals.

Koi Pond at Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana USA 2015

Why did it take us this long to get to this specific zoo?  Vegans and animal lovers alike do have a few issues with zoos since there are still some with smaller cages which is not humane.  It saddens me to see animals being treated in such a way and I do not prefer to give hard-earned money to continue on with such animal treatment.  Before going I had a feeling this zoo was the case seeing as it is small and the entire city (although its is trying) is a bit behind in “green” options and opinions.  In fact many cities in this general area of Michigan and Indiana do not recycle still, many residents do not believe there is global warming nor do they believe animals have rights beyond being possessions.  (Not all of Indiana and Michigan are this way, just this area which is a bit ‘old school’.)

Kookabura at South Bend, Indiana Zoo 2015Saw this gorgeous Kookaburra not sitting in a gum tree and I could not get the Aussie song out of my head the entire day.  Who knows what song I’m talking about here?

South Bend, Indiana zoo ChimpsThese two made me laugh watching them sit in the doorway because it reminded me of two older Chinese men sitting outside their houses.  I know, my mind works in mysterious ways… Can anyone else see it?

South Bend, Indiana zoo Parrot

South Bend Indiana USA zoo kangaroo

The day of our visit was absolutely gorgeous, perfect temperature and perfectly blue skies.  For some reason though, the kangaroo area was closed the entire time we were at the zoo.  It takes about 2 hours to get through the entire zoo in total.  There were just signs stating it was closed, even though there was no mention of this when we paid to get into the zoo.  Kangaroos are one of our favorite animals so it was the one thing we went to go see on this visit.  Thankfully we got into an area where we could take some photos of the kangaroos even though we could not go into their habit area that is normally open.

Potawatomi Zoo: As a Visiting Vegan and my personal review #southbend #potawatomizoo #zoo #indiana There were two large tortoises just having a munch in a small sectioned off area of the zoo.  It reminded me of a petting zoo although I’m not sure these guys wanted to be pet.  It was funny watching them because it looked like someone had those Something like these only greenish brown that roam around the yard cutting the grass.  So cute!

Potawatomi Zoo: As a Visiting Vegan and my personal review #southbend #potawatomizoo #zoo #indiana

Prairie dogs are under appreciated in my opinion.  I love watching these guy munch and play around with each other, so entertaining!  This one was eating a sweet potato I think and there was also lettuce, apple, carrot and some sort of pellets.  At least they are eating a nice whole foods, plant based diet for the most part.  I did not see them touch the pellet things but they were munching down on those sweet potatoes.

Potawatomi Zoo: As a Visiting Vegan and my personal review #southbend #potawatomizoo #zoo #indiana Even though I did not appreciate the size of area for all of the animals, I did appreciate the coloring of the flamingos.  Some zoos have flamingos that are very sickly in color but these appeared to be happier than most and the coloring was a gorgeous pink/orange color.

Potawatomi Zoo: As a Visiting Vegan and my personal review #southbend #potawatomizoo #zoo #indiana

Yep this is basically what I look like when I wake up in the morning too.  Same hair and safe facial expression…  only much, much earlier than this guy.

Potawatomi Zoo: As a Visiting Vegan and my personal review #southbend #potawatomizoo #zoo #indiana

It was a bit ironic seeing this Longhorn on the same day the Irish were to beat the Longhorns from TX. (American Football)

Potawatomi Zoo: As a Visiting Vegan and my personal review #southbend #potawatomizoo #zoo #indiana

Those were just a few of the animals available to meet and greet at the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana, USA.  The animals were all very well behaved but then again it was hard to tell seeing as each one had very little space to roam.  If one were to ask if we will ever go back, the answer is a firm ‘no’!  It is not in our common interest as animal lovers to support tourist traps that are just in for the money and not to help the animals.  There is probably a few people that love animals that love this zoo but I do not want to support small cages and a general lack of education to the community.  This is just my opinion and of course no one paid me to express it.  To each his/her own opinion but I will not be supporting them anytime soon.  It’s time we take a stand in America for what we believe.

Amenities Available:  We could only find two locations where there were bathrooms.  These bathrooms were clean and I do not feel as though I had to sanitize after using the facilities.  Canteen: There was one small building that contained an area for purchasing food.  The food consisted of traditional standard America junk food such as hamburgers, hot dogs and soda pop.  There was not even a salad on the list.  Parking:  Yes free parking was available but I have a feeling it gets very full seeing as there is a kids play park right in the same area and the parking lot is shared.  Get there early!  Handicapped Accessible:  Yes I would say this is very easy to get around in a wheelchair and walking is not a problem since it is a small zoo.  There were a few benches setting around for people to take a break.

Website Here

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily

Prices: (A bit steep for a 2 hour zoo)

Adults – $9.50
Children (ages 3-14) – $7.50
Seniors (62+) – $7.50
Two and under – free