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Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole Recipe Vegan

There are few things in this world that I do not like, one being warm fruit.  Normally I am perfectly fine throughout the year not having any hot fruit baked into something, minus the dreaded fall season for me.  Genki Husband loves to have baked pies and baked casserole/crumble style meals in the mornings.  To me this seems like a waste of perfectly good tasting fruit but apparently this is a time-honored favorite among many others around the world seeing as many people are posting photos on Instagram of their versions.  So I searched for another option beyond my normal Crumbles and went for a sweet potato version of a breakfast casserole.  Here’s the recipe and results:

The sweet potato casserole comes from the one and only Angela over at the Oh She Glows website.  If you are wondering, yes she is the chef and author of the Oh She Glows Cookbook.  Most of her recipes are absolutely delicious, I can’t say all of them because we have not had the time to make all of them but I believe everything we have made has turned out just the way her photos portray the mouthwatering dishes. No complaints here and by the look of other vegans blogging of her recipes, no one else either…  So if you have not checked out her site, I would highly recommend jumping on over there and trying out some of her recipes.

On to this recipe that we tried just recently on the weekend was something out of my comfort zone since I do not like baked fruit on a normal basis.  I’m one of those strange foodies that does not appreciate food to change shape too much from what naturally occurs during growing from the earth.  Genki Husband loves baked items though since it is how he was how he was raised.  So I tried…

The recipe took a bit of time seeing as the sweet potatoes (which I cheated with organic yams, shhh) had to be smashed into a smooth mixture.  It was pretty effortless though, just took some time to put it all together.  Nothing that one can not easily do on the weekend, maybe not during the busy work week.  Baking does also take a bit of time, 40 minutes but again you can get into other things while it is in the oven.  Additionally I believe you could make this ahead of time and reheat in the oven and it would still be just as great of a texture for guests or a hungry family.

The final outcome was pretty mixed reviews.  Remember I do not generally like mashed fruit or vegetables made into a dish but this was “okay” for me.  That’s a pretty high rating considering my preferences.  Genki Husband really liked it all and said he would actually want it again in the fall season when it is a bit cooler outside.

My suggestions would be to add double the amount, or triple, of ground cinnamon as it was just not enough for us.  Additionally the maple syrup was used as a sweetener in the mashed mixture base but it was hard to find that flavor in the baked dish.  Maybe add brown sugar instead or you might have to again double this ingredient too.

So that was our experience making this dish, whether it count or not in your books I am not sure.  We would suggest this to anyone that likes sweet potatoes or yams.  Or if you are looking to move beyond regular baked oatmeal this might be something you are interested in making for a breakfast on a lazy weekend.  Why choose yams or sweet potatoes instead of regular oats?  Well, these two items contain a lot of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, potassium, dietary fiber, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and phosphorus.