Leimomis Coffee Gift Set by Lion Coffee

The Leimomis Coffee Gift Set

On our last trip to Hawaii we came across a pastry shop that served locally owned and roasted coffee by the name of Lion Coffee.  We absolutely fell in love with the pastries and also the coffee so we brought some home with us to assure a little piece of the islands were coming back with us to the mainland.  While in Oahu you can purchase this coffee for a very reasonable price and you can find it in a lot of different grocery stores.  Since we visited the macadamia nut farm we chose this one and loved it just as much as the original flavor.  Since then we have dreamt of getting more so finally we ordered a gift set ‘box’ from their Lion Coffee Website.  Here’s our experience:

First of all, let me remind you this is just our personal experience and can be very different per each case, I assume.  We first ordered the the Leimomi Gift Set which comes with a set of four full-sized coffee bags of different flavors and also a hearty Lion Brand Mug.  The coffees that are included are not negotiable but there is a good variety: Chocolate Macadamia, Vanilla Macadamia, Cafe Hawaii, & Original LION.  These are all a great option to start with if you have never had this brand of coffee since it comes with both flavor and original roasts.  The mug is something we used in Hawaii and if similar to that of a 1950’s style diner – very sturdy and 100% ceramic.

Oahu Hawaii Beach

Hawaii on our last visit for my Japanese sisters’ wedding on the island of Oahu.

Now to the review of the process because ordering online can always be a 50/50 chance things will go okay.  So this was my experience but yours might be different or it might be the same, who knows?

First off, the ordering process online is very easy unless you are indecisive like me and have to make a choice.  I mean, who can make a choice among all the coffee options without difficulties.  After you order you just have to wait.  Oh wait, no you don’t because there is another step after you make your order.  I found this step out from an employee at Lion Coffee after writing them to inquire of the arrival date since a tracking number is not sent.  Apparently the company does not give out tracking numbers although all coffee can only be sent through priority mail or higher (all have tracking numbers).  So I was told to make sure to always contact the company to get the tracking information otherwise you will be left out of the loop.

USPS priority mail review

Priority Mail box from USPS

Our priority mail took about 2 weeks to get to us even though we paid for 3-5 day service.  Actually Lion Coffee did not even send out our box for 5 days!  There was no way it was going to be on-time.  After one week I finally asked for a tracking number because we were very worried it was not going to arrive.

Smashed goods thanks to USPSThankfully the box was about the only thing damaged.  The coffee was still closed and the mug was thankfully not broken even though it was on the smashed side.  A few more fun bubbles might be necessary Lion Coffee.

So finally we received our parcel after two weeks and could not have been happier with the coffee.  The Lion Coffee was just as good ordered online as it was when we purchased it in the stores in Hawaii.

Making Lion Coffee at homeAt last we were able to have our morning Lion Coffee at home, minus the tropical view outside our hotel window.  It would be perfect if the tropical scenery came along inside the box (or maybe it did but fell out the large hole) but the coffee will work just the same for now.  We love the coffee but the service is just not the best from the company and also the USPS.  Would we order it again?  Well, maybe yes and maybe no.  It all depends because we love the coffee but the price is a bit high when you consider the higher cost of speciality shipping.  Additionally it does take a long time so if we were urgent to receive our coffee, we probably would just order elsewhere.  But the coffee is wonderful!  Maybe we will just have to beg everyone going there to send us some each trip.