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Genki Kitty Technology Used

As of recent you might have noticed a slow decline in blog posts and this is for a very good reason, my old laptop has been slowly existing this world. The old lady it is brought it to snail pace working on anything, even simple tasks. She is still chugging along but a slow computer just was not cutting it to publish posts properly. Thankfully after much consideration and thought, I purchased a Macbook Pro. Going from a pc to a mac is not only a big investment but it is also a big change in how everything operates. It also took about a week to find one in the stores; I guess Mac has not been able to keep up with orders recently with the University of Notre Dame in city limits. It took about four trips to the store on multiple days to finally get one that wasn’t taken already (even though I was on a list we had to wait for shipments to arrive).

At lunch Genki Husband and I drove to two different stores to purchase my macbook pro and a pleasant stop at Alladin’s Eatery for a hummus tabouli wrap for lunch. (The necessities) Then I took the other part of the day before my planned gym workout to get it open. Sadly, yes, I admit it I took about 1/2-1 hour to open it. Please remember this is my first one and I have only used a mac workstation during my days working at a post-production house years ago. So maybe I didn’t know which way the apple was supposed to point and I tried to open it backwards, but that’s just between you and me.

There is a learning curve so I hope all of you can patiently stand by me and give me hints along the way to learn how to work this new Mac. So far I am loving the fact I have iMovie to make more YouTube videos and also a new photo editor so I can edit more photos to share with all of you. So get ready because I’m hoping to find some new inspiration to spread along to all of you. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments section or by email. Thanks!