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Vegan Grocery Haul on a budgetHappy Wednesday Genki Friends!  Today I am writing from my new Macbook Pro; can you tell I’m excited?  A few days from now I might calm down about it but for now please forgive me for mentioning it so many times.  For now as the photo and title suggest, I want to share with you our grocery haul from this last week.  We mainly shop at Whole Foods Market but do get our fruit from other places too since we are on a moderate budget.  Click the link to see the rest of the photos and more information about these purchases.

In the photo above, as you might have already guessed, is all from Whole Foods Market.  Some of the items such as the oranges were on sale this week so if you are feeling like some Vitamin C is needed in your diet this week, go on over to your local store.  Here is a list of all the items in the above photo:

  1.  Oranges as already mentioned.  These are organic.
  2. 4 Bags of bulk items.  Genki Husband has been working away from his personal office so he has been taking smaller snacks along with him in his bag for those moments he needs a little something extra.  We like to purchase from the bulk bins because it can be cheaper than buying a full bag of snacks and more options in the long run.  He gets tired of the same thing over and over so this is our compromise. He likes the Carob Chunks that looks like squares made from Carob, goji berries, dates and etc.  There are different kinds.  Another bag is full of mixed trail mix.  Additionally 1 bag is full of a few servings of Christmas Beans.
  3. Tofu of course…
  4. Tempeh for a salad that I want to make this week.
  5. Tofurky deli slices because sometimes we want to go on a picnic but don’t have enough time to cook a full meal and pack in individual boxes.  These are great for vegan protein!
  6. Organic Mushrooms since non-organic contains a lot of chemicals.
  7. Edamame in the shell because this is an addiction of ours.
  8. Cherry tomatoes because they were on sale and we love to just munch on them.
  9. Gardein Chickenless breasts for protein
  10. Smart Patties Original Burgers
  11. Daiya Macaroni and Chez “cheddar” (review coming soon)
  12. Pretzel buns that are certified vegan

What a vegan eats vegan grocery haulThere were so many foods I could not fit everything in just one photo.  Here’s #2:

  1. Bananas- lately these have not looked good in the stores so we have not had many
  2. Plums
  3. Red Lettuce
  4. Oreo Thins – Mint.  These are for Genki Husband and his colleagues.  I bought the originals last week just on a short trip and they ate all of them in one day.  Winner!
  5. Boca Original Burgers for my lunches since these are jammed with protein
  6. Earth Balance Butter Olive Oil Type.  I have been baking more since it’s getting cooler so I use more butter.
  7. Bell Peppers to snack on throughout the day or in meals
  8. Spinach for meals for added iron since we are running more miles
  9. 2 packages of English Muffins from Walmart – vegan approved
  10. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk- we use this for protein smoothies and in recipes
  11. Kale for a salad
  12. Pineapple to eat as a snack
  13. Cantaloupe – we wanted another watermelon but these are going out of season and are very expensive once again.  ‘Tears’

So that is what we bought basically this week.  We do sometimes run out and get a few things just because we need more coconut water or such for after workouts but our kitchen is pretty stocked right now thanks to our iHerb order.  Want to see our iHerb order?  Check out my Instagram account.