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Korean Grocery Haul in South Bend, Indiana, USA

Lately I have been really bad at sharing photos weekly so I have been hoarding all of these grocery hauls from ya’ll.  I’m so sorry! If you keep up with my on Instagram, I always post the photos so you will have already seen most of these photos.  If you are not subscribed to me yet, go on over there, subscribe and then come back to read the rest.  There are a lot of exercise/weight loss motivational photos and tons of food photos.  You will never be left out of the loop if you are connected there too.  So for now on to the photos:


Let me just start off with something I am seriously addicted to right now. This is a 10lb box of fresh blueberries straight from the farmers’ market in Michigan. (Corey Lake Orchard) Normally we go to Paw Paw, Michigan for blueberries for u-pick but this year for some reason the farmers have decided they will only sell picked. So we chose to go to our trusted farm and pick some up. Michigan Blueberries are the best in the nation! It has something to deal with the glacier soil nutrients or something.

Fresh finds from Corey Lake Orchards

Speaking of Corey Lake Orchards, I have gone there twice now this season. In this area we only get fresh produce for about 3-4 months at most so it’s hard to wait until August until the fresh produce comes out. But thankfully things are starting to pop up around here and this is what I purchased. Dozen of fresh sweet Michigan corn, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers of various colors. Note: I actually buy extra corn to freeze for the winter months. Not only does corn taste better but it is much cheaper than buying frozen in the winter.

Vegan Grocery Haul 2015

When I buy a lot of fresh produce from Corey Lake Orchards I actually go to the local Meijer in the same city since the store quality and options are much better than the ones in Mishawaka, IN, USA. There is a lot of frozen “meat” options but this is because we are so busy as of this summer enjoying the great outdoors that we do not have the time to always cook something 100% homemade. I try but it’s not always in my greatest interest. Summer is short here, I want to take advantage of every second of the day.

Vegan Grocery Haul 2015

During the same week I also stopped by Whole Foods Market to purchase some Baba Ganoush to dip our fresh veggies, frozen veggies since we are out and this is what I eat for lunch along with some protein and a carb, and finally some Bragg’s Berry Salad Dressing. I’ve never had the dressing before but it was $2.00 off so I wanted to try it out. Normally it is sold for around $7.99 so $5.99 was a bit better to fit into my budget just this once.

Vegan Grocery Haul

This is also normal in our household to purchase this much fruit. We actually buy our fruit from WalMart not just because it’s cheaper but because there are more options. We both love eating breakfast full of fruit and delighting in the energy it gives us the entire morning. Not to worry though, we had our blood tested about 2 weeks ago and even though we eat this much fruit, our sugar level was very good. Mine was a bit low still but then again I’m hypoglycemic. Notice the Toasted Rice, that was for a protein packed puppy chow recipe I shared the other day. We do not eat cereal for breakfast.

Whole Foods Market Grocery Haul

No idea why this photo looks so grainy, I’m so sorry. Hopefully all of you can get the idea though even though the grain. We had a lot of coupons this week to go to Whole Foods Market so we stocked up on a few things. This was at the beginning of the month so we weren’t able to purchase farmer’s market fresh corn but only in the stores (probably from FL). Under the Baba Ganoush contains a box of Sorbet Pops that are vegan approved and Mango.

Whole Foods Market Vegan Grocery Haul

Another week another trip to Whole Foods Market. Our local stores are a bit hard to find vegan options but thankfully there is a Whole Foods Market. The prices for vegan frozen options are rather good and the veggies are the best priced in town for the amount in each frozen bag. Note the blue and brown bag in the back, this contains vegan pretzel rolls! Did you know they sold these? They are delicious and Genki Husband is now addicted. Highly Recommended!

Vegan Grocery Haul Aldi's USA

Another store we find a lot of good quality, low cost organic produce and goods is at Aldi’s. Yes, Aldi’s! I’m not sure where the bad image among Americans came from with Aldi’s but they do have a lot of good products. Yes you do have to pay a quarter for a cart which is really annoying but it’s worth it when you save a ton of money. What I do is take a few reusable grocery bags along with me and just fill these. Then I don’t need to pay for a cart.

Shipshewana, IN Vegan Grocery Haul

At the beginning of the month we went on a biking trip to Shipshewana, IN, USA. It is Amish country and we wanted to stop on by some stores to see what we could find that was vegan approved. We ended up going to the Cheese and Meat store and this is what we came out with on our trip. These are all vegan approved! Pretzels, vegan approved licorice, and 2 different types of corn for popcorn. We do not use microwave popcorn when possible because of the chemicals.

Vegan Grocery Haul Whole Foods Market 2015

This week we were very busy as you can tell. We had a ton of leftover veggies and fruits so this is all we bought from Whole Foods Market. Actually we were playing pickleball, tennis, running and biking on this weekend so we didn’t want to travel to too many stores. Lazy I know!

Vegan Grocery Haul

Another week we were so busy we were too lazy to go to too many stores… This is what we purchased from Whole Foods Market and then went to WalMart to get fresh produce. Note the Coconut Bites, these were delicious but a bit high in fat. I’m not sure I would recommend to others that are watching his/her weight but if you do not watch fat intake these are tasty.

Vegan Grocery Haul 2015

This is a mini trip to the store for food. We actually have been trying to get rid of the keurig in our household so we have been testing out different products to see what we enjoy the most. We don’t have a coffee maker but only a filter drip per cup thing from Starbucks and also an espresso machine. So we have been enjoying this espresso that is very inexpensive from WalMart. Anyone else try this one? Additionally we bought some blueberries because they were just available in our area and I had not been to Corey Lake Orchards yet. We seriously love blueberries can you tell?

Vegan Grocery Haul Aldi's 2015 USA

Another Aldi’s Trip to get some fresh produce and also some gluten free items. Genki Husband sometimes likes to have some granola around the house to munch on and Aldi’s sells Gluten-free that is also vegan approved. Some have honey I believe though so you must watch out. I found they have a lot of gluten-free items at the store so if you need this type of product, go there! Also I found they sell fresh herbs so I buy a few when the price is right and I freeze for winter since fresh is hard to find in our state in the winter. The corn squares are something we buy occasionally when we are exercising a lot and need a little something in the evening after dinner. These are gluten free so it settles in the stomach at night before bed and there are no added sugars.

Corey Lake Orchards Grocery Haul 2015

Another trip to Corey Lake Orchards for some fresh produce. This was a good trip in my eyes because there were more options since our last trip. There are two different types of potatoes, peppers, snap peas, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes and cabbage. Everything is grown on the farm right there so it’s perfect! Note: Not everything is organic since it is not marked.

Corey Lake Orchards Grocery Haul 2015

This is part of the same trip to C.L.O. Dozen of corn and the large cabbage I mentioned above but could only see part of in the photo.

Vegan Grocery Haul 2015

Just a few odds and ends. We bought the refried beans instead of making it this week because again I was so busy and did not have the time to be in the kitchen nor did I have the interest. I find I make everything homemade for a few months and then for some reason I get in this kick where I don’t want to make anything. ha-ha Strange I know! The canned beans were okay but the sodium content is high and the taste is just not the same as making it at home. Note: Just Mayo is a vegan mayo that is aaamazing! It’s from Chicago, IL just about 45 minutes from our house.

Vegan Grocery Haul 2015

These are our finds from the store one week. Cherries are in season here in the area but I have to tell you the price is not fitting in our budget. Thankfully there was one week we found Washington cherries (best in the nation) and we bought a few lbs. I’m not a big cherry fan but Genki Husband loves them! Additionally we found this new tofu to test out, non-GMO and also organic.

So that is basically what we have been buying this last month in our vegan household.  There has been more fruit that I did not take a photo of (lots of mangos, watermelon and bananas) since we all know what these items looks like… and I forgot.  Hopefully you have enjoy looking into our grocery bags to see what we have found locally.  Next up this week, new items we have found at the stores and let me tell you Daiya is working hard lately and I can’t believe the items coming out!  As always please eat in moderation and try to get as many fruits and veggies into your diet as your macros will allow.