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fun workouts

Hello Genki Friends!  The weekend has finally reached an end and it’s time once again for Monday Motivation.  For us this last weekend was adventure packed and filled to the brim with having fun (while not-so-secretly burning off some calories).  Last week alone I counted 4,161 calories burnt just by doing the activities that I love to do.  Sometimes it just takes a little dabbling in different activities to test the waters to find what you love to do in life.  Whether it be walking, running, pickleball, tennis, or football, it all counts as long as you are moving and feeling a sense of enjoyment from the activity.  Even though I worked off a ton of calories, I did not feel as though it was a chore or something I must do to lose weight or to get fit.  A workout should leave you energized and chock full of happiness.  If your current workout doesn’t do this for you, try switching it up and see what works best for you.  It all depends on what you enjoy, not what the person next to you enjoys.  So I urge all of you to try something new this week and see what you enjoy most.  Let me know what you enjoy in the comments section!

trying to workoutshappiness in working outChallenge yourself to do different thingsWorkout Challengeweight loss challengeweight loss motivationweight loss motivationweight loss motivationweight loss motivationweight loss motivationweight loss motivationweight loss motivationOur human bodies are capable of so much more than we give credit to them.  Why not try something new and see where it takes you?  This last weekend Genki Husband and I joined a group to play PickleBall.  It was our first time hearing of the sport let alone playing it.  Little did we know when we walked to the courts that we would fall in love with this sport.  Genki Husband is a natural player and we hope to continue on with this sport until we find it no longer fun.  If we had not tried this new adventure out we would never have had known we loved it.  What would you love to try out?