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Vegan Workout Smoothie that is filled with protein for an after-workout recovery drink. Protein smoothies have not always been my friend over the years.  When I first started to workout, I read about them continuously and kept wondering what all the hype was about with these calorie rich smoothies.  I mean the idea in my head was to eat as few calories as possible and exercise as much as possible.  Little did I know back then this was a common myth by newbies…  See what experts have to say about losing weight for life instead of for a short period of time.  Additionally, see what I’m loving right now in my smoothies. (Recipe included)

Experts in the field of weight loss, nutrition and general medical practitioners all state the same:  “Eat the proper amount of calories daily, exercise the right way, don’t over work your body, eat clean and always steer clear of crash diets.”  Time and time again I hear people state they are reducing the amount of calories in his/her diet and increasing exercise- I always think great!  Unfortunately there is a fine line between under eating and over eating which is very misunderstood by ‘dieters’.  Many of these people think they are doing great because in the first few years he/she has lost tons of weight and feel much better.  Blood results can at this time can even show your body is in ideal condition.  But not so fast, there are issues with these types of diets, especially long term.  Depression will kick in, bone density will go down, calcium in the body will decrease, weight will slowly creep back and muscle mass has been destroyed.  It’s a dangerous path to take, especially over a long period of time.  I know people on these diets and you can tell they are not eating enough, especially not enough of the proper nutrients.  Don’t take my word for it just from my experience, I’ll share some links here for all of you to read and research it on your own.  It’s important to do as much quality research as possible and not from just one research when it comes to the human body.

Muscle for Life

US National Library of Medicine/ National Institutes of Health

American College of Sports Medicine



So with that said, I want to express in as little words as possible but with the utmost attention to all of you keeping healthy is to say “eat at least 1200 calories and track what is going into your mouth carefully.”  There’s one thing about having a fun day out and not tracking but when you are eating less calories to lose weight, it is best to track daily to assure you are getting the right nutrients your body needs for years to come.  You are working hard so you might as well make your food work for you. Remember to get your protein and enjoy the work you just completed.  Never, ever starve yourself after a workout!  Intake food, especially protein, within 30 minutes of completing your workout.  Your muscles and body will thank you.

With that said here is my latest Post Workout Smoothie:

1-2 cups non-dairy milk (I love unsweetened vanilla almond milk)

2 tbsp peanut butter (right now I love PB2 Chocolate)

1 banana (optional)

Handful of fresh berries (optional but great on a hot day)

1 Serving of your favorite protein powder (I love Vega Protein Powder in Vanilla or Chocolate)

Blend everything together and you have a delicious but nutritious after-workout smoothie.  If it’s hot you can add frozen berries or ice cubes and make a protein frappuccino.

Note:  On gym days, I take our smoothies in a frozen lunch box and take it in the car.  Then we drink our protein smoothie on the way to replenish our muscles from all the hard work.

Things I have noticed after drinking after workout protein smoothies:

1.  I have more energy after a workout smoothie

2.  My muscles do not hurt as much the next day after a hard workout

3.  I meet my daily protein needs for the day more consistently

4.  I am not starving my body and I end up eating less later

5.  My mood is better after my protein intake