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Already I have introduced a few places we visited while on our mini anniversary vacation to Alabama from Indiana.  In total it takes about 12 hours without stops to get there from the top of Indiana to the top of Alabama.  It’s a good day down there- easy enough in one day (but then again we are used to it after driving around 12-14 hours for Christmas from Virginia).  Basically if you don’t drink too many liquids and don’t take too many photo op stops, you can make it in plenty of time to get a pizza from Mellow Mushroom.  Here are a few things I wanted to share with you about the trip that did not quite make it into any other category.

alabama border sign

Finally we got to see the border sign for Alabama. We can now add this state sign to our collection.

NASA rocket at Alabama rest area

The rest area just inside the state actually has a real NASA rocket! That’s impressive!

NASA rocket alabama

NASA Saturn IIB rocket up close…

Kentucky Border Sign

We have driven through Kentucky many of times together but I wanted to share the border sign. It is actually more impressive than Alabama but then again the rest area is no where near as exciting.

Driving in America

This is the view that we saw for a lot of the trip through Tennessee and Kentucky. It is such a gorgeous area in the summer months.

Driving America

Another view of the roads while driving down south. This reminds me of Virginia where we used to live.

Alabama crops

One thing we noticed while in Alabama (which isn’t much different than Virginia) are the fields of crops. These fields glow like gold in the sunshine and on cloudy days.

Japanese Omamori

Something I didn’t share with you before now… This is my 10th Anniversary Omamori (Japanese good luck charm) I got myself. I got another one for Genki Husband but in a different color and style. I love to have these as a memory marker, not that I believe these bring good luck. This is a Japanese tradition but for some reason the talisman has a Korean theme. It’s cute none the less.  (And yes I know this is a happy marriage one but I love the thought that every day is like a new one)

Anniversary present

Finally I would like to share with you my anniversary present from Genki Husband. He surprised me with a knot ring from Nordstroms. It used to be on my wish list on Pinterest but now is in my collection. It’s so dainty but I have to state the quality is not the highest. I still love it! As you will remember we already bought each other new bikes for our anniversary a few weeks ago so this is just something small.

So that’s just a random collection of photos I wanted to share with ya’ll about our trip.  I am going to be posting two more places we stopped along the way that might be of interest to those of you that have never been to Tennessee or Kentucky.  Come back for more.