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Huntsville, Alabama: Vegan options #ILoveKorea #vegan #huntsville #alabama Going to the deep south sometimes worries vegans but I am not really sure why this is the case.  There are a lot more options than one might think.  Every time we go on vacation we make a list of all the vegan options in the area.  Sometimes we come across different options than just following alongside our list, especially mom and pop restaurants which is our favorite place to dine.  This is the case when we were in Alabama, we found some great options for coffee houses (most in the city serve almond milk and soy milk).  Another case in point was when we were driving to a sub shop called Stanlieo’s Sub Villa.  Just two blocks down the road we found the above I love Korea restaurant.  We did not dine at it since we already had a plan but if we were staying longer we would have enjoyed some fresh Korean food.  Here’s what we did adventure into eating:

Stanlieo's Sub Villa in Huntsville, AL

A place of great interest upon reading reviews online was Stanlieo’s Sub Villa in Huntsville, AL. It has a ton of vegan meat options and it a Mom and Pop shop. It’s in a location of the city that is a bit run down (as viewed by an outsider) but inside one feels as though the restaurant has transported into the 1970’s or earlier. We went here to get a vegan reuben submarine – oh yes yes yes.

Stanlieo's Sub Villa in Huntsville, Alabama

Inside the restaurant there are two different sections to sit. There were a few comments online that stated this restaurant was busy but worth it, it was basically empty when we went. There’s plenty of seating available and the chef was super fast!

Stanlieo's Sub Villa in Huntsville, Alabama

Since it was almost empty, we were given the chance to talk to the staff members which were super nice. I would probably go back to this restaurant just to talk to the staff members even if I didn’t like the food. Thankfully the food is super delicious! The man that served us chatted about the restaurant since I love to ask questions and learn about the areas I recommend to all of you. He stated the place was very popular seeing as there is a college nearby and many college grads come back and eat there as a nostalgic meal. He was very friendly and it felt like we were talking to an old friend.

Stanlieo's Sub Villa in Huntsville, Alabama

He gave us two free drinks while we waited. I treasured this cup afterwards (I’m weird like that) because we had such a nice experience at this restaurant. Thankfully there was sugar free tea (normally there is only sugared tea in the southern states).

Stanlieo's Sub Villa in Huntsville, Alabama: Vegan options #stanlieosubvilla #vegan #huntsville #alabama

This is our Vegan Reuben Sub. Seriously this was one of the tastiest vegan subs we have ever had. We kept asking each other if we thought it was real or vegan… We couldn’t tell the difference because it was that good. I wanted to move to Huntsville after this sub and the pizza mentioned yesterday.

Stanlieo's Sub Villa in Huntsville, Alabama: Vegan options #stanlieosubvilla #vegan #huntsville #alabama

Here’s the vegetarian/vegan menu. We mentioned we were vegan and the staff knew what we were saying. Yep, we were in the south but still had no issues being vegan. Make note that this is also vegetarian so some of the subs cheese and mayonnaise has to be omitted but this really isn’t a problem.

US Space and Rocket Center Star Tots

Yes, I am 4 years old and I’m not ashamed. I mentioned the other day while we were at the US Space and Rocket Center it was getting late and we had to eat something after not having enough snacks in my backpack. So we ordered these gorgeous tater tots called Star Tots! Hello marketing team, kudos to you all! I had to have them. haha The museum also has a salad bar but it didn’t look that great since it was a buffet style and in the same section as everyone was sitting. Nothing else was vegan approved.

Country Inn and Suites, Madison, Alabama: Vegan options #vegan #huntsville #alabama

You might be wondering by now what we ate for breakfast since we do not show any items. Well, that’s a tricky one since we tend to not buy breakfast out. We either eat something we have brought with us or we go to the breakfast bar which is what we did on this trip. We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites just a mile from the US Space and Rocket Center outside of Huntsville, AL. We are priority members so we tend to stay at these to rack in the points. This is a dog-friendly hotel chain so it gets our business. Unfortunately this location (each one is different) does not have a good breakfast service. The breakfast is eggs, bacon and pancakes just about every morning. There is a waffle maker but there is no mention of the ingredients, although I do not think it has eggs or milk since the batter is not refrigerated. For vegans there was some fresh fruit (from the waffle toppings), coffee and bagels. We tend to like to have bagels and/or toast with peanut butter on top for protein. It was a bit odd though seeing as though everything was individually wrapped and defrosted. Additionally there is oatmeal but it is already pre-made with what appeared to be milk and sugar. It was super sweet so it was not plain oatmeal. It was not appetizing and we ended up every morning going ahead and eating dried fruit and Cliff/Luna bars from our car stash. We have traveled all over in these hotels and never had a problem (minus the one just outside of Chicago, IL near the airport). If you plan on staying here, which the hotel is nice, we do recommend you bringing your own food.

Olde Towne Coffee in Huntsville, Alabama

Olde Towne Coffee in Huntsville, Alabama is a place Genki Husband found on a whim as we were in serious need of coffee (the hotel didn’t give us any in our room and it was terrible downstairs). So we went to this hidden gem of a coffee house. If you are driving past it would appear to be another house deep set into the drive behind some other houses closer to the roadside. This photo is not the greatest but I wanted to share it with you because this is what you are seeking from the roadside. It is very dark from the road so it is easy to miss.

Olde Towne Coffee in Huntsville, Alabama

Here’s a closer view of the coffee house in the morning hours of a rain storm.

Olde Towne Coffee in Huntsville, Alabama

The best part of our visit was finding that the staff were roasting coffee. Oh yes freshly roasted coffee – I could have lived here. This photo is after the beans were roasted (we watched the entire process) and this aftermath are the skins of the beans that were roasted. Since we were interested the staff member was more than kind to share the entire experience with us every step of the way. Oh and we also bought a coffee and a latte – almond milk. Yep, they serve almond milk too Starbucks…

So that was our adventures in eating vegan down in Alabama.  Yep we ate tons of pizza and delighted in some local eateries.  So delicious!  We had to much fun finding new places down in Alabama and we hope to go back one day soon.