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US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsvile, Alabama, USA

Genki Husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this last week.  For a special celebration we decided it might be entertaining just to pick a state we haven’t adventured to just yet and go for it.  Seeing as we have been to most NASA centers around the world, we decided we should celebrate a decade together by adventuring the moon and back.  This led us to Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

While some of you may have heard about the space center down in Alabama, I’m guessing a lot of you may have not had the chance just yet.  It is the home of the Saturn V Rocket that has been shot off into space 13 times as part of the Apollo program.  It is famously known for being built by Wernher von Braun and Arthur Rudolph during trivial times of the space race on earth.  This rocket is now housed inside on display for museum patrons to see in all its glory.  Patrons can not go inside the rocket however can walk underneath.  Other pieces of history our housed in the same building to learn a bit more about space history and the program that brought America to the moon. U.S Space and Rocket Center

US NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Saturn V Rocket. With particular interest, there are Rocket Scientists that walk around the facility and answer any questions one might have when looking at the rocket. This is where we spent about an hour or two after a Rocket Scientist asked my Rocket Engineer if he could answer any questions – he had no idea what he was getting into when asking Genki Husband. It was an amazing experience and honor for us to meet Alex McCool (engines) and Charles Johnson (propulsion), two of the original rocket scientists that worked under von Braun. Both of these men were in their 90’s, so if you have a chance to get down to Alabama, I highly recommend it!

US NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. In addition to the Saturn V Rocket, there are numerous rockets outside that patrons can walk around and investigate.

US NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. There are so many things to see while outside, a few things inside but outside is the treasure chest. If you can plan a whole day, I would highly recommend it. There is a cafe but to tell you the truth, there is nothing healthy available. We had some potato stars because we were starving by 3PM we had to have something. We ended up leaving early because there was nothing else vegan. There is a salad bar but to tell you the truth, it is set off in a far corner and I’m not sure how well it is attended. I would suggest bringing a box lunch and setting outside on one of the picnic tables and enjoying lunch to separate the day into two. There are also a few kids rides and a full kids center inside to entertain them along the way.

US NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. There is a full rocket model that was used for testing but is not real outside too. On this location there is space camp (who else wanted to attend space camp when young?). So in the summer months it is a bit busy with kids walking around this area.

Today I wanted to share our first adventure while in Alabama- our first time in the state.  We loved every moment of the trip (minus the rain) and would like to go back again one day but maybe when it is not summer.  It was a gorgeous 107F/42C and full sunshine when we were walking about the Space Center with 91% humidity.  Loved it!  I miss the high temperatures and high humidity.  If you have children or just love space, this is definitely a place to go once.  It is a bit pricy at $20 per person and additional fees for going on bus tours and/or seeing an IMAX movie.  The place does need a good overhaul for the price in our opinion as the signs outside are almost illegible.  But if you are a serious space lover like us, you will enjoy it.

More posts to come from our trip to Alabama – including vegan options!