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University of Notre Dame Spring 2014

Photos are stocking up still so I figured I would post a few photo jam-packed blogs, which I know all of you enjoy.  The photos are things I have been enjoying this past spring season 2015.  Enjoy!

Tulips on Notre Dame Campus Tulips are so beautiful this time of year – it’s really one of the things I look forward to every year in the spring season. These were all over the University of Notre Dame Campus.

Flowers for spring 2015 We were so inspired by the flowers on UND we decided it was time to start our greenery collection in Indiana. Every time we move we have to give away all of our plants (minus a few that fit in our car). So, I’m super excited to finally get a few greens things to place around the house. A house really just is not a home until it has some green plants in it. Now all I need is a cute gnome to go with them.

Australian studies Spring has brought a lot of new opportunities to us such as opening our back yard and patio up for the first time since moving to the North. We have missed using a patio all year around such as we did in Virginia. So thankful to get outside once again! Just recently I finished up my class for Australia literature – a class I fell in love with this year! Of course I had to use a Dinkum dictionary from my Australian sister.

Trial Bay Gaol Australia Funny enough when I brought out our spring/summer clothes from Virginia this fell out of Genki Husband’s shorts pocket. We realized the last time we used our summer clothes was actually when we went to Australia! Oh my! This is from Trial Bay Goal – which if you have never been there I highly suggest it.

Watermelon A favorite of mine that has also popped up this spring is watermelon! Hooray! This is one of my favorites! I can eat an entire one in one day. Unfortunately we can’t get fresh ones from here until around August but we are thankful for these which are transported from Mexico and Florida to our area.

Peace afghan crochet Another activity I have been working on and just recently completed was the peace afghan for my niece for her Christmas present.

Messy office Warm days are apparently hard to come by here in the spring rainy season so I tend to spend a lot of time outside when it is nice. This is what my office has started to look like though since I have been taking things and and out all the time. It’s a daily requirement to clean it. ha-ha

Genki Cat Genki Cat has become very clingy lately when she is not allowed outside. I think she actually gets bored and decides to follow me around for something to do.

Starbucks Failure We been testing out the new coconut milk a lot lately – we try to encourage companies when they make good vegan choices. Starbucks failure though…. Ordered a coconut milk latte without any whip. It came with whip and we asked for a new one since we can’t have dairy. The staff member took a spoon and scooped out the whip and gave it back to us. Not really that helpful… We tossed it out. It’s a lifestyle.

Genki Cat Genki Cat stalking me while I work from my home office.

Pretty long with the photos for now so I will post again with another photo filled entry.  Hope you enjoyed!