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South Bend Fish ladder

South Bend, Indiana is full of little surprises of the past still present in the modern day.  As outsiders looking in we see the old sitting in the past, not moving a muscle.  We took a walk around the St. Joseph River in downtown South Bend a few weeks ago and were reading all the city signs.  Apparently this is a city with a rich history in the industrial industry race.  A lot of these famous industry start-ups have moved on to different locations but the waterways are still present and slowly being redirected to new horizons.

Downtown South Bend, Indiana  Race The race for manufacturing excellence in South Bend, Indiana.

Downtown South Bend, Indiana Walking the South Bend River walk downtown.

South Bend is home to a large river-walk alongside the St. Joseph River.  I believe it is about 30 miles or so?  It grows all the time with the attempt at making the city more ‘biker friendly’.  (“attempt”)  The river walk is safe during the daytime but I have to admit, I would not walk it at night, especially not alone.  Daytime is completely different though, I would not necessarily walk by myself but I do feel comfortable in numbers.  So grab a friend and walk ‘The Bend’.  On our last walking trip, we found a few signs alongside the river next to a railing with thick concrete walls.

Downtown South Bend, Indiana Downtown South Bend has the St. Joseph river run through it.  Most of the river side looks similar to this without rail guards.  Be careful taking small children or furry babies since it can be dangerous at times without the proper guards.

Downtown South Bend, Indiana The Fish Ladder area that is right next to the white water river rafting training course.  It looked so strange coming up to it at first without reading the signs, looks almost like a torture device area doesn’t it?

Downtown South Bend, Indiana Looking alongside the river walk, another strange sight appeared. Confusing unless you know what it is right? This is part of the fish ladder.

Downtown South Bend, Indiana  fish ladder As the signs stated, this type of setup helps trout and salmon go up river to Michigan in the St. Joseph River. Not sure how this helps though since I have never seen a salmon in Michigan and I grew up there for 16 years. But maybe it helps the trout? I’m not an expert as you can tell. haha

Downtown South Bend, Indiana Another view of the river from a different location along the river walk. As you can tell we haven’t seen the sun for a while, today is another cloudy, potentially rainy day.

White Water Rafting South Bend, Indiana As we were walking we again found another section of the river that was unfamiliar… apparently this is a white water rafting course. We have not seen anyone use it yet.

Downtown South Bend, Indiana This Canadian goose was the closest we saw to anyone be in the water in the 6 months we have lived here. He did a great job though!

Genki Pup After a long walk we decided to go home and relax outside. This is the way Genki Pup loves to cool off lately. She doesn’t get to do it often but she does love a little watermelon juice.

Genki Cat Genki Cat loves to sit outside too but without watermelon juice. She would rather eat catnip and stalk the neighbors… ahhh the cat life!

So that was our adventure to the downtown river walk.  It was a cooler Spring morning when there were very few people around.  I’ve heard it does get busier downtown during events so we can’t wait until this summer to see more people out and about on the streets enjoying the downtown scene.