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Evil Czech Brewery Vegan Options

No Longer Serving Vegans

Veganism can be hard in a location that has few options when dining out.  So, vegans tend to collect together and flock to restaurants that are vegan friendly.  So it is a sad, sad day since I have to announce that the Evil Czech Brewery in Mishawaka, Indiana no longer has vegan options.

Remember the amazing black bean burger Genki Husband and I fell in love with when we moved here to Indiana?  Well, we were informed on our last visit that it was no longer vegan.  It now contains egg whites!  Really?!?!  I almost cried since the original vegan version was soooo good!

Our last visit we were informed just about everything now has eggs in it.  I wanted to ask if the owner just adopted since chickens and/or bought stock.  So basically nothing is vegan.  That is unless you want to order something and take off all the cheese and meat… and pay full price.  Or eat a plain salad…  Pass…  Who wants to eat a plain salad when others are eating full meals?  Not a hungry vegan!

Goodbye dear Evil Czech Brewery – you were good to us for a few months but now we must let you go.  Vegans will be sad…  we will cry but we will turn our heads and enter other options in the city.  RIP….