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Spring 2015: Indiana Edition Spring is here!  It’s been very slow to become spring here in Indiana.  Virginia used to have about 4 months of winter and then we were off into spring weather.  It’s more like 6-8 months of winter here.  So when the spring flowers finally sprung, we were thrilled that the potential of warmer weather might come about along with it.  Most Indiana flowers are the same as what is found down in Indiana, each depending on where you live in the states the flowers just come out at different times.  Here are some of the flowers we have been watching grow around here in Indiana:

Spring 2015: Indiana Edition This is the same as the above photo but I have to tell you the truth, I have no idea what it is though. Any ideas? This was found on the grounds of the University of Notre Dame.

Spring 2015: Indiana Edition This is what the above flower looked like growing up.

Spring 2015: Indiana Edition Dandelions!

Hyacinths.  Hyacinths.

spring flowers in Indiana Gorgeous trees are blooming too.

spring flowers in indiana The flowers from the tree above.

University of Notre Dame spring University of Notre Dame is so amazingly gorgeous! It is almost sad the majority of the students leave at this time after semester has been completed. Highly recommended for a visit during this time.

UND spring Seriously, UND is gorgeous this time of year. One can walk around the lakes on campus and just reunite with nature.

UND spring time Walking around the lake on UND campus

UND in spring UND another photo

UND spring UND walk around the lake. It’s very peaceful to walk around the lake.

UND spring Another lake on the UND campus

UND signs UND campus has these wonderful religious signs to teach and remind those going on the walk. Unfortunately there is not a definition on each. This is a catholic university if you weren’t aware.

UND statues Statues are also around for praying.

Cancer awareness on UND spring flowers The campus also has a section, near the onsite bookstore, a cancer awareness area. There are benches, tulips and a tree that survivors or those that know those affected by cancer in some way to tie a ribbon. It’s a gorgeous area that is a constant reminder we have to find a cure.

cancer awareness in the spring on UND 2015 A closeup of the flowers – so gorgeous

Biking on UND There are also lots of options for riding bikes on campus that are very peaceful. There’s more to come about the bikes soon. So excited to tell all of you!

tulips in spring Tulips- so many of them here!

flowering trees in spring 2015 Indiana More flowering trees in the area.

Spring flowers in Indiana Another mystery flower in the area. Any idea? They are balls of purple power!

spring flowers in Indiana A closeup… any ideas?

spring skies in spring 2015 south bend, indiana Spring skies look like this here in Indiana. So gorgeous!

Hopefully you are enjoying the spring flowers as much as us! What’s your favorite thing about spring?