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BOCA spicy chicken sandwich

So in the last blog I left you guys hanging with a tempting Boca Spicy Chickenfree salsa straight off the grill.  Today I wanted to start off with the same product but in a sandwich.  Lately I have been addicted to English muffins that just happen to be vegan (Thank you Aunt Millie’s!).  So I made the above sandwich with the BOCA chickenfree patty, fresh lettuce, Mindful Mayo and that’s all.  It’s so simple but so good!  See all the other meals we have been enjoying lately that fit the same criteria.

Vegan pancakes You will notice I have not been posting breakfast photos as much on Pinterest nor on this site. It’s because I am in a oatmeal kick. Seeing as I do not like warm fruit, I tend to just use a little brown sugar, cinnamon and some sprinkles (to put a smile on my face). There’s only so many times one can see these photos so I am saving your fingers from having to scroll as much. On the weekends I do tend on making a special breakfast for the sweet-tooth husband though. This recipe is from Isa Chandra so unfortunately I can not give you the recipe but I’ll let you look it up since I’m sure you can find it somewhere.

Vegan Australian This is another breakfast recipe that I am addicted to which can be put together in about 2 minutes. It is a toasted English Muffin topped with vegemite and avocado. Ohhhh so tasty! I am addicted to vegemite (if only it weren’t so hard to find here in the states)

Real Irish Oats Real Irish Oats! So delicious! This will change your opinion of oatmeal if you aren’t already a lover of it. I’m not going to lie, it does take 30 minutes to make but you can minimize the time if you soak the grains overnight. Additionally you can make this on a relaxed day off and then place in the fridge for about a week.

Vegemite Lover Sneaky Kitty trying to steal a little of my hoarded vegemite. I think not! I love vegemite but it’s hard to find in the states. I like this on toast in the morning and it gives me essential B vitamins to last a whole day. mmmm If only I could be Australian!

Trader Joe's Vegan Cereal Mixed Grain Oatmeal mixture from Trader Joe’s. This is something new I believe but it is really worth the extra $$ on your grocery bill. It is 100% whole grains and tastes super sweet. It has a heartier texture and keeps you full the entire day. Yum!

Easy Vegan Tofu Dinner Back to Dinner: Lightly sauteed tofu pieces with curry seasoning spice mixture, steamed Japanese rice, steamed broccoli, and a steamed 1/2 potato. This was so delicious I could eat it every night!

Fresh mango love Mangoes are in season in Mexico and also in California so we are enjoying the slightly fresh fruit right now. This is the only time of year you can purchase these in our area for less than $1.50 each. So go get them!

Vegan Macros Protein Dish Something I whipped together one night for extra protein to meet my Macros needs. This was steamed broccoli, tofu, and some vegan breakfast sausage. Add a little cracked black pepper, so delicious!!!! Oh my gosh! It sounds so simple but it’s so delicious!

Lidia's Italy vegan Lidia’s Italy Salad recipe from her cookbook. So delicious and easy to put together. Best yet, it can be made vegan. Hooray! I just love Lidia and her PBS shows and cookbooks. This is a salad that can be made vegan with ease. Go buy her cookbook so you can enjoy this salad too. You will thank me.

Vegan Banana Nice Cream I’ll end this “what I ate” blog with something super delicious and what usually ends a great meal. Yep, that’s ice cream! Only this is something better because it is made 100% from ground bananas topped with sprinkles, vegan approved fake marshmallows, and some homemade vegan brownie chunks.