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Japanese Vegan BentoNormally I would prefer to share meals daily but seeing as I have been slacking I am way, way behind.  Behold our meals lately that I have missed posting daily.  Hopefully I will be up-to-date soon, right. See here are the photos, recipes and other information associated with the food items so you can recreate it yourself.  Enjoy!

Japanese vegan bento Lately I have been sending Genki Husband off with a Japanese inspired bento (box meal). This is a new bento box that I purchased a few weeks ago from Mitsuwa in Chicago, IL. I’ll talk more about that in another blog post.  Oh yeah:  it contains Japanese sweet potato, ginger mock chicken, sesame spinach, and steamed Japanese rice with furikake.

Japanese vegan bento Japanese Vegan Bento: Partial Snack Edition. This was Japanese steamed rice with furikake, almonds, dates, tomatoes, and a little vegan approved dark chocolate. There is also another container not shown with curry.

Vegan Easter Bunny Bread Okay so this is really old, I’m so sorry! Oh my oh my! I made vegan whole grain bread and then formed them into these adorable bunnies for Genki Husband’s colleagues. Sometimes I made savory instead of sweet. They love it all and amazingly no one has ever declined because it was vegan. Hooray!

Copycat Vegan breadsticks Yep, I made them again! Copycat Breadsticks – sooo delicious! This time I used organic whole grain self-raising flour – yeah, don’t make the recipe with this flour… it turns out too flaky and they crumble too easily.

BBQ Vegan It’s officially BBQ season! Oh yeah!!! This is our favorite time of year. We would rather be cooking outside on the grill than inside any day. This is the Tofurky Gourmet sausages – actually we think Tofurky has changed their recipe a bit since going more “gourmet” but we aren’t enjoying them as much lately. I think it’s time to start making my own again. On the side was fresh asparagus. This is only available for about 1 month in the spring. Mmm

Aldi's Vegan Burgers Another BBQ dinner but it’s a trick, I made these on the stove. Ha! These are Aldi’s veggie black bean burgers. This was our first taste of these burgers and we enjoyed them a lot. The taste is almost like Trader Joe’s Veggie burgers. They are a bit too oily for us (tons of fat content) but I just know many other people will really love them. Best yet, for 4 of these the cost is only about $2.99. Great savings.

BBQ vegan Sausage tofurky Another BBQ night at the Genki household: More Tofurky Gourmet Sausages. We tested them all and really did not care for them. (our opinion). Genki Husband loves his sausages with organic ketchup but I prefer sauerkraut. Don’t worry, we had side dishes too of veggies.

Aldi's Vegan options This is a closeup of the Aldi’s vegan burgers. So good! These are worth the inexpensive price if you don’t mind the higher content of fat.

Vegan lunch Yep we had them again, this was a “I’m so hungry, I will eat everything in the fridge type of meal”. 1 Aldi’s Vegan burger, salad, roasted onion, steamed broccoli, raw bell pepper and 1/2 a sandwich from The Mark (vegan).

vegan picnic mexican We left the grill alone for this meal and had a cool dinner. We had mock pepperoni crumble, homemade black beans blended until smooth, salsa, olives, red bell peppers, mango, homemade guacamole, and salad. So delicious! We love having multiple side dishes such as they do in Korea since you don’t get bored with the tastes.

Vegan BBQ of sausages tofurky Back to the grill we had yet another night of Tofurky sausages with zucchini and steamed Japanese rice. There was also a side of olives, not shown.

Vegan Sausage Dinner Really, we aren’t sponsored by Tofurky (but we would be interested haha). Genki Husband loves them so he wants them all the time – he has a bit of an addiction (almost like my addiction to watermelon).

Vegan boca chickenless dinner See! We don’t always eat sausages off the BBQ. This was Boca Spicy Chickenless patty on top of lettuce, with salsa, and some tomatoes.