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Vegan Grocery Haul Fruit EditionWeeks have passed and I have neglected to post photos of our groceries.  So after a long time of thinking if I should toss out the photos or just post them, I decided I would share in a post.  After-all, food doesn’t get old and everyone loves to see what people are eating, right?

Above is a photo of one week’s grocery haul for two people – the fruit edition.  As you can tell we do eat a lot of fruit.  This was back in the cooler days when Vitamin C was essential to not getting sick.  It pays to eat healthy, especially in the winter months.  We save so much money just eating healthy and making sure we get all our nutrients (bananas aren’t going to be a cure all).

Vegan Grocery Haul for 2 PPL Another week of groceries for 2 people. As you can tell, there is kale, cilantro, baking soda, Meijer Vegan Approved English muffins, colored bell peppers, frozen vegetables, zucchini, portobella mushrooms, Cubanello peppers, avocados, tomato paste, red potatoes, sweet potato, onions, cantaloupe, saurkraut, flour, Silk Vegan Yogurt, Gardein Burgers, Gardein Fishless Filets and some oil.

Vegan Grocery Haul Romaine (cos) lettuce, Spinach, Weetabix (which we still have not opened in about 1 month), pineapple, almond milk, organic potatoes, Chinese cabbage, Silk Yogurt, Broccoli, Gardein Fish Filets, Vegan Earth Balance Butter, Boca Spicy Chicken-free burgers, tofu (2 kinds), tomatoes, ramen, sweet potato, portobella mushrooms, purple cabbage, cilantro, & snap-peas.

Vegan Grocery Haul This week I went with Genki Husband so you can tell there is a bit more than normal. Christmas Lima Beans, Sesame Sticks (G.H. work snack), sweet potato, Carob Spirulina Energy Cubes (G.H. Work Snack), tomatoes, Tofurky Gourmet sausages, mangos, zucchini, tempeh, cabbage, tofu, portobella mushrooms, Gardein Chik’in Scallopini, Coconut Wood cleaner, apple cider (which is pasteurized so it’s juice), Gardein Fishless Filets, Sparkling Water, Dandelion tea, W.H. hummus, luna bars, potatoes, Root Veggie Burgers & Good Earth Vegan Burgers.

Vegan Energy Bars Genki Husband Energy Bars for work. G.H. works long hours on certain days so I send him off with some of these bars to keep his energy up when he’s away from his office and can’t get a proper snack. These are great for on the run. All of these can be purchased at Whole Foods, Target and Wal Mart.

So now I feel as though you are all caught up with the grocery hauls.  Boy am I really behind on posting, I’m so sorry for the delays.  I hope all of you understand the change it was for us to move across the USA again for Genki Husband’s work.  It’s been a drastic difference for us and we are learning to live in a small area once again after being in D.C. for a few years.  Moving is fun and exciting but it does take a toll on all of us.  Adventures are worth it though!