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Vegan Grocery HaulSo it’s time again to find out what products we have been loving and which ones we would pass up this next week.  Check out these new vegan products we have found, accidentally vegan most of the time.

So in the photo above is a grocery haul (sorry I did not make a video for this one).  Some new items we have liked along the way were actually from Aldi’s Grocery Store.  I’m not sure if all these items are for sale in all locations but I have a feeling these are pretty standard around the nation.

Aldi’s Black Bean Chipotle Burgers:  These were really tasty, almost like the ones sold at Trader Joe’s.  I believe these are sold for $2.99 in our area.  The fat content is a bit higher than I would prefer but when you are eating these types of processed items, it is going to happen.  We made these on the BBQ and it worked perfectly – no issues with them falling apart.  So if you are having a BBQ, go for them!

Aldi’s Agave Nectar:  I know there is a lot of back and forward about agave nectar but we are a lover of this sweetener.  We do not like Stevia and other questionable sweeteners but since this has been found to not be bad for the health and is natural, we go for this when possible.  In our stores this is sold for around $3.99!  That’s amazing compared to other stores in the area where it is double the cost!  The taste is the same and the ingredients are agave nectar- simple.

Everything else in the grocery haul: strawberries, sweet potato, squash, vegan approved chocolate chips, romaine lettuce, frozen veggies, garlic powder, onion powder, vanilla extract, tofu and a few bell peppers.

Engine 2 Diet Vegan Burger: Thai Basil Edamame. Even though we used to go to the same Whole Foods Market as the creator of the Engine 2 Diet, we have never tested out the Engine 2 Diet Vegan Burger: Thai Basil Edamame. We grilled these outside on the BBQ and they did not fall apart. They did stick pretty good though so I would highly suggest getting some aluminum foil and spray oil for this one. The taste was pretty good in my opinion, nice and light. These are probably better on a bun and topped with onion, lettuce, pickle and tomato. Genki Husband was not fond of these, I’m guessing because we had them plain with a little organic natural ketchup. Dress these up, you will probably like them. Our first choice for BBQ time is Gardein.

Vegan energy bars Some new energy bars the husband is loving right now. We found these Berry Pomegranate Chia Clif Bars at Target (the only place so far) and he has been liking them. He has also been asking for these Peanut Butter Bear Naked bars too. This Bear Naked brand can be found a few places but right now I can only find them at Target and Wal Mart but for cheaper than Clif bars at 79cents each instead of 99cents.

Amazon water bottle for running Found this new Fuel Belt water bottle on Amazon for about half the price as other popular name brand water bottles that have the exact same design. Sometimes you have to look for non-popular brands and you will find something you love. This type of water bottle will last us up to ten miles – he mostly drinks it and occasionally on very hot days I will take a sip or two. Love this blue color and design!

Vegan iHerb products New products from iHerb that I ordered this last month and we are loving.

Dandelion Tea:  Love, love, love this brand.  Not only do they produce high quality products the green lifestyle way, the products are vegan and not overpriced.  You can purchase these either in Whole Foods or on iHerb for the same price.  I like to make a cup a day and then drink it cold very fast.  The taste is not good but it does help with water retention.  Highly recommended.

PB2: Okay so I know a lot of you have already tried this out but it has been on my list but never seemed to fit into the budget.  I bought this on iHerb for a reasonable price (less than $5.00).  It contains 85% less the fat than real peanut butter plus it comes in powder form so it can be used in many things such as cookies or donuts.  The taste is amazing!  It is a bit less “peanutty” flavor but still tastes like peanut butter to make sandwiches.  We bought this online however I did just see this in Big Lots the other day for about the same price amazingly enough.  There were only two bottles though, so I don’t think it’s a normal product.

Neti-Salt:  This is necessary if you have a neti-pot.  We love this type of container since it does have more servings than the individual packets and it is cheaper.

Kiss My Face Hand Soap:  We wanted hand soap that was a bit better in the ingredient department and did not test on animals so this was our option.  It is also available at Whole Foods Market for the same price as iHerb.  It is a wonderful coconut smell and takes me to Hawaii each time I smell it. Mmmmm  Plus it is moisturizing and will not dry out your hands even in the harsh, dry water in the northern states.

ELF mascara:  This is a vegan makeup line that is also sold in the stores but unfortunately in our area it is hard to find.  This was actually one of the more cost-effective mascasra brands by a long shot on iHerb so I bought it just to try out.  It works just like it should and is not super clumpy.  I’d buy again, especially for the reasonable price.

White Coffee Organic and the entire packaging can be recycled! Just toss out the grounds when finished. The taste of the coffee is really good for a k-cup too! I would buy this again and again. We actually found this at Big Lots but sadly I went back again and they did not sell it anymore. That is one of the issues of finding good quality things at this store, you fall in love and then can’t find it anywhere else. Suggestions?

white coffee organic coffee k-cup review This is the k-cup. It does not have as much plastic on the side of the k-cup as other recyclable cups out there.

Green Mountain Brown Sugar Crumble Donut Coffee Green Mountain Brown Sugar Crumble Donut Coffee- I think the name talks for itself. Yum! We bought this for a reasonable price on Amazon. Totally worth the money! Yummmmmmm