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Holland Michigan Historical Church 2015There are so many things to do in Holland.  I had no idea until we started going there on our annual trip to see the tulip festival.  Check out our day adventure to Holland.

Holland Tulip Festival 2015. Sign for the above church – it is such an inviting church setting. The seats out front were all taken up but I can imagine it is very pleasant to just sit outside and drink coffee.

Lemonjello's Coffee Shop in Holland, Michigan Vegan We decided to take advantage of the sunshine and early morning to grab a cup of iced coffee this year at this location coffee house. It was highly recommended online so we knew we were in for a treat. Sometimes online recommendations are accurate and we were so thrilled! They have soy and almond milk options. Unfortunately we did not see any vegan food options…Lemonjello

Lemonjello's Coffee Shop in Holland, Michigan Vegan Just inside looking at the coffee baristas.

Lemonjello's Coffee Shop in Holland, Michigan

Lemonjello's Coffee Shop in Holland, Michigan We ended up getting this which is called the “Invincible” which is in the mood section of the menu. It is like an iced coffee with chocolate and blackberry flavoring. It was really good but I think we would probably ask for 1/2 the sugar flavoring because it was a bit too much blackberry and set the flavor a bit off for us. We also tried to get a coffee frappuccino (called a coffee smoothie) but these are not vegan so watch out for that if you want vegan. It contains dairy powder. The staff members were super nice, a bit confusing, but very nice and helpful.

Holland Tulip Festival 2015. Even More Tulips

Holland Tulip Festival 2015. So symmetrical

Holland Tulip Festival  Veldheer Veldheer Wooden Shoe Factory and Tulip Store. We went here last year also and it was pretty much the same. We do not pay for the tour since it is a bit pricy for us but we enjoy going to see the wooden shoes being made. See my video from last year.

Holland Tulip Festival 2015.  #tulip #festival #holland #dutch These tulips were shining similar to Chinese lanterns with the sunshine glowing through the petals. So gorgeous!

Holland Tulip Festival 2015.  A closer image – these are not altered in any way.

Coppercraft in Holland, Michigan.  Next we went to this distillery called Coppercraft in Holland, Michigan.

Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan Review Normally we fit as much as possible into one trip as possible, this was no different. We went to this distillery thinking it would not be that busy. Little did we know that there are tour buses that go to this distillery (the website did not mention this). We had to wait 10 minutes in our car for a tour bus to have all elderly patrons to exit the bus. The buses block the entire entrance so no one can leave or come. It was very poor planning. We almost left without going in because it was so busy but then we had just waited seriously 10 minutes we knew were going to go in.

Coppercraft Holland, Michigan review Just inside the doors are the barrels. We never got the attention of anyone besides the bartender to ask questions about the distillery so we have no idea if these were filled or not. As you can tell, the business was setup for just the bus tourists and not just general tourists. We felt very out of place considering we were half the age of the others inside.

Coppercraft Holland, Michigan review A larger view of just inside the front doors.

Coppercraft Distillery Holland, Michigan Thankfully there were barstools so I could see over the top of heads and take photos. We had problems getting past this small crowd of people. We would not suggest going during Tulip Festival and would probably only call ahead if we decided to ever go back again, which would probably would not.

Coppercraft Distillery Holland, Michigan Supposedly there are tours but unfortunately because of the bus tours, we did not bother asking about these. We did see you had to pay for the tour which I’m not sure why one would pay for this attraction. Not sure if this is a Michigan thing but down south in TN, KY, &VA we don’t pay for tours at distilleries or wineries. I’d rather be paying for a sample (which this is not a dry county).

https://genkikitty.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/holland-tulip-festivalpart-2/ This is part of the tasting section – all tastings you have to pay for so nothing is free. There is also merchandise available for purchase. It’s more a bar than a distillery in our opinion but it’s a good attempt. Southerners just know how to do it properly. ha-ha

Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan We tested a little before we left. The waitstaff was nice when we asked for a menu but because it was so busy, it was hard to get our order in right away. This was expected though – again I would not suggest going on a tourist day. I believe the price was around $3 for a sample for 1/person and $5-6 for a “normal” drink size. The bar area has a nice menu with descriptions to make your selection easier. All items on the menu are for sale per bottle.

Crust 54 Vegan Options in Holland Michigan We also went to Crust 54 for lunch again this year because I miss vegan pizza from Virginia. This is nothing like Mellow Mushroom (if you have been to M.M you will know what I mean!) but it is a great option for the area. It is a basic pizza crust (no seasonings such as herbs – just an olive oil coating) and a few toppings such as mushroom and tomatoes. They also have teese cheese (no daiya like the menu states). This is a good option and the staff is very nice, they are very busy during tulip festival but they handle the large amount of people.

Holland Tulip Festival 2015.

21 corners winery review Of course we had to also stop by a winery called 21 Corners in Benton Harbor, Michigan on the way home. This was a new winery for us so we were very excited. It was set just off the main highway in the area and easy to get to from it. It was almost empty, minus a bridal party. The staff were so nice and informative. We enjoyed the nice light fruit and red/white wines too. It would be very nice to go on a nice summer evening, buy a bottle of wine and enjoy while sitting outside on the patio.

21 corners winery in benton harbor, michigan review 21 Corners Winery on the way home from Tulip Festival. We had a lovely time here and purchased some wine to take home after our wine tasting. The wine tasting I believe was around $6/person and that included the take home glass. This is normal for the USA for the $6 fee and a take home glass. I’m not sure what we are supposed to do with all the glasses from all these wineries – suggestions?

Hopefully that gives you a review of the Holland Tulip Festival and encourages all of you to go next year.  It is an annual event and is very fun for all ages.  I would maybe say plan a day for the entire event and for you to go to different venues, especially if you have children.  There are local Dutch attractions that children would like better than say the winery and art fair, but seeing as we do not have children we have not ventured that far.