Spring in South Bend, Indiana

Today I basically took the whole day to jump into all the editing of photos that I have been collecting for a while now.  There were around 500 or so – or was there more, I don’t even know anymore I lost count.  Thankfully all the photos are done and now I can start to post more freely up here for all of you to enjoy.  Two more videos are uploaded on my YouTube Channel so check those out.  Once these videos are processed and viewable, I will make sure to send out a post to inform all of you.  For now though, I’m so thankful all of you are here reading and looking forward to more content.  For now, I’m off to the gym to work off some of my caffeine buzzzzzzzzz…….

Let me know in the comments section what more you would like to see here on Genki Kitty or on my YouTube channel.  Thanks.