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The Mark Dine and Tap South Bend, Indiana USA Vegan OptionsWhy I am not sure exactly however many vegan options around the South Bend, Indiana area are not what one would consider “fancy”.  Do not get me wrong, I’m the type of person that loves a mom and pop shop over any linen covered restaurant any day.  There are times when one wants to have something a bit different of a style though and The Mark Dine & Tap fits that desire of mine.  See all about your vegan options when you click on the link to expand this posting.  See more recent information here.

The Mark Dine and Tap Vegan Options

Here’s a copy of the lunch menu which is basically the same for vegans. There is strangely 1 item less on the dinner menu for vegans. Notice the VG label on the items which are vegan. There are also gluten-free options too, clearly labeled.


The Mark Dine and Tap Vegan Options

The Mark Menu Second Page.

Genki Husband actually received the option to dine at this restaurant before we had the chance to go there together.  I’m a bit jealous but it was really nice of Genki Husband to bring 1/2 of the sandwich as a leftover for me to try the sandwich.  It was a great option for the area we live in – a bit more posh than Five Guys Burgers which only has a few veggies tossed on a regular bun.  He ordered the SaBLT since it contained the most protein option.  We both had the same opinion which was it was good but it could have been better with a little seasoning.  It was not overpowering in any certain flavor.  I assume the chef is not vegan but attempted to provide something for everyone, which we greatly appreciate.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is in our opinion more grand than most in the area that we have come across so far. It is located right across the street from University of Notre Dame, which is a gated university.  So many professors and other tourists will be dining at this restaurant in more than just shorts and a t-shirt.  (Just a little hint)  Seeing as the restaurant is located in a outdoor walking mall there is little space for tables so I might suggest making a reservation on the weekends and for the dinner hours.  During the day I have never seen it 100% full, excluding weekends, so lunch might be easier to get a table without one.

Parking is available alongside the street but I would highly suggest just going into the parking ramp right next door to the restaurant.  It is free for the first two hours, excluding football game days.  (But who eats at a restaurant on game day?  Tailgate all the way!)

Vegan Options: (Lunch rate/Dinner Rate)


Asian Marinated Tofu added to Salad 3.5 added to top of cost of salad 4.50-12.50
“BREY”SIAN STIR FRY: brown rice, carrots, broccoli, onion, snap peas, cauliflower, sweet peppers. choice sauce: buddha hoisin (vg) 15/15 +3.50 tofu
SaBLT: Seitan, avocavo, roasted beet, red leaf lettuce, tomato, english cucumber, roasted red pepper “aioli”, mutigrain bread 11 (lunch only)
Black Bean Burger: Avocado, tomato, onion, corn relish 9/9
Sides: French Fries, Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries, Fried Green Beans, Chef’s Vegetable 3.50-8
The Mark Dine and Tap near UND vegan options

As mentioned, we tried the SaBLT which is made from seitan, cucumber, avocado, beets and etc. It was a nice combination that reminded me of sandwiches in Australia. Why do we not use more beets in America? They are naturally sweet and delicious! This sandwich was tasty but it did lack a little bit of extra flavor. It was almost as if the sandwich was in the beginning stages of becoming a great sandwich. Maybe some herbs or other seasonings would go on this great and make it an adult sandwich. Otherwise it was a nice option while near UND. We would order this again and possibly smuggle in a few leaves of basil, sage or oregano. Mmmm