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Vegan Easter 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!  One month late but it still counts right?  Boy am I behind the times…oops! Life continues on though so I just wanted to share our lovely adventures on Easter.  Every year we take a hiking day trip for a full day of adventures.  We used to live in the Shenandoah Mountains area so it was much easier but now we live in corn field country so it was more of a challenge.  We were able to find some nice “bush walking” as my Aussie family would say.  See our adventure here. It was touching to outdoors finally in the spring sunshine and enjoy the sights and sounds of everything blooming into action after the long winter.  Photos and information about the vegan food we ate and our sightings at the link below.

Reading devotionals for Easter

Reading the Liturgy of the Hours is something we always do every year together as a family. It is what Easter is all about – Jesus Resurrection! For those of you unaware what this book is you can find out more information here. We highly recommend it for all ages.  Normally I do not post religious information on my blog, not that I am ashamed but it is not the exact content of this blog.  But if you want to find out more information on religion of all kinds, I highly suggest a wonderfully talented and inspirational blogger named Anna.

Filet Crochet Easter

Just as the picture above, I tested out a new style of crocheting (I’m addicted) called filet crochet. It is very easy once you get the hang of how to count the stitches. I made this mock version of the Easter Bunny with regular yarn. Then I did the wall hanging in the photo above.

Filet Crochet Easter bunny

This is the wall hanging. I did four bunnies in a row to represent the four people in our family. It turned out super cute!

Flower pot crochet

Speaking of the items I made this year for Easter – this flower pot. This turned out even better than in this photo. It was a bit different to make seeing as it was my first but I have fallen in love with it!

Easter decorations

Now on to the decorations. We like to keep things very simple as we don’t appreciate the commercial side of this Christian holiday. This year I found these bunnies and had to get them for decorations. They are out for early spring instead of just Easter. One week before Easter we remove the photo frames and add Easter Baskets.

Easter Flowers

Every year since we have been married, we have always purchased flowers that we can also plant after the holiday season. This is much better than buying cut flowers that will die sooner than later. Plus this is very eco-friendly!

Vegan Challah

Vegan Challah is always something I make for Easter, I have no idea why I do this since we are Christians and this is Jewish.  I also make it the week before Christmas too.

Vegan Hot Cross Buns recipe

For Good Friday I always make Vegan Hot Cross Buns with my own recipe. So delicious!

Vegan Hot Cross Buns

On Good Friday we place our easter decorations on the table and we enjoy a slow breakfast of Vegan Hot Cross Buns from my own recipe.

Vegan Easter Egg Decorating

This is how we decorate our Easter eggs instead of using chicken eggs. These work pretty well with the plastic sleeves that you can buy but the ‘eggs’ do not take up the coloring very well.  We buy the Easter Egg from Target and Walmart – both carried them this year at least.

easter egg decorating

This is what it looks like when you decorate with one of the kits in the USA.

Coffee Quarter review

I’m sure you are all wondering what coffee made it to our mugs on this special holiday for us. Well, we had some special Coffee Quarter that we were saving for this occasion. It’s hard to save coffee but we did it. This is the best coffee! If you are in California, MD, USA you must visit this place. The Cafe sells onsite brews and some to take home. All worth it!

Easter Italian Bread Vegan Recipe

On Easter morning we take things slowly and make Easter Italian Bread – which we both love! We were introduced to this bread by the super lovely favorite of mine Lidia Bastianich from PBS.  I absolutely adore this lady, she reminds me of my German Grandmother.  If you have never seen her shows or don’t have her cookbooks in your kitchen, go to the store now!  I’m vegan and I still love every show of hers when I can get it on our tv.

Easter Italian Bread Vegan Recipe

The above picture is before we put a light frosting on top – you can have it either way and it’s super delicious! This year we only used raisins because we couldn’t find other dried fruits to go in it.  Yes we got to eat it outside this morning too.  Hooray!

Spring flowers 2015 south bend

This type is the first set of flowers that bloom in the spring in the northern states of America. I used to always impatiently await my grandmother’s to bloom in the early spring as a child.

Easter spring flowers in south bend, indiana

This is the same kind of flower only purple

Strange Indiana Flower spring

Finally these are some flowers we found at the University of Notre Dame campus, I have no idea what these are called. I have never seen them before but if you have, please tell me the names! I think maybe these are some sort of lily? Chinese maybe?

So that was our Easter, I hope all of you had a wonderful celebration with your family and friends too!