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Vegan Chocolate Chip Scone Recipe

Recipe sharing time again.  Lately we have been engrossed in setting up our new condo in Indiana and settling in to the new lifestyle of living in a city again.  Living in the country in Virginia was a bit difficult for us, I mean who wants to live about 20 minutes from any local coffee house?  This is an essential requirement for living right?  Okay maybe that’s just me but I’m sure we will all agree to changing things up and testing out some new recipes.  And enjoying an oldie but goodie…  Click below to see photos and recipes of the 4 I would like to share with you today.

Decorative Chocolate chip scones Raw image of the scone that is presented above in the photo. This is my oldie but goodie recipe for vegan chocolate chip scones made into heart shapes. I know it seems simple but I am sure there are a few of you wondering how these can be shaped into any shape. Firstly, dig into those cookie cutters in your kitchen cabinet. Then go ahead make the scone recipe, roll the dough out carefully, and use the cookie cutters just as one would with sugar cookies. It’s that simple. Place on a cookie sheet and there you have it, cute but simple decorative scones.

Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe Genki Husband went on a trip a few weeks ago with a few colleagues for a convention in Tennessee. The guys were traveling together by airplane but were going to be gone for a week in a hotel. Sometimes traveling as a vegan can be a bit difficult, especially when staying in a hotel, so I tend to send off goodies to assure he has enough food to satisfy him just in case food isn’t always available. One of the guys in the group is allergic to chocolate (did I hear some of you gasp?!) so I decided to make this recipe instead of chocolate chip this time around. The recipe was super easy to toss together in a bowl and mix up. Besides the fact I’m still readjusting how to bake with a gas oven still, the cookies came out perfect! The guys really loved the cookies and the batch made about 1 full gallon baggie full – all were gone upon returning. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe

Macro dense vegan bowl recipe Macro dense recipe that I found because I wanted something super simple to toss together and have ready after a gym workout. I found this really easy to cook everything ahead and have in separate containers for Genki Husband and me to put in a bowl and warm up when we were all tired. I would suggest this to anyone that wants something simple and not strong in flavor. It is full of protein! If you like tons of flavor, I might suggest adding some spices mixtures such as cajun seasoning.  Winner if you want something fast and not strong in flavor. Roasted Veggie and Black Bean Bowl Recipe

Tofu Saag Vegan Recipe Okay so I have to admit this does not look very appetizing but it is absolutely delicious and will not disappoint your surprised taste-buds. It is Tofu Saag – with yes is a bit different than Kale Saag that you all hear me talk about frequently. The saag part is not blended until a smooth paste but rather left as is in it’s cooked form. Place this mixture on top of rice and you have a full one-pot meal. It is just as good the next day. If you love ginger and garlic, you will love this recipe. Note: I doubled the ginger and garlic in the recipe to make the flavor match our preferences. Original Recipe Here

So there you have it, 3 new recipes and one oldie but goodie.  As I am really behind on my postings, I will have more new recipes to come soon.  Additionally I have recorded a few different cooking videos to share with all of you so we can cook along together!  So many new things to come!