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What’s going on in the Genki Household lately you ask?  Well, let me express in photos just what has been going on with this edition of the pre-spring events.  Click the link below to see the photos and find out more what’s going on in my life.

Genki Kitty Gym Genki Husband and I have started going back to the gym – which just happens to be at the University of Notre Dame! It’s inspiring to see all different types of body types and personalities going to the gym all together. This is a machine I have never tried before – actually I had just run a few miles and the hoped on this one. I have no idea how to really use it – I assume it’s like skiing right? Maybe I should learn how to ski first… And yes, those are Purdue boilermaker pants in Irish Country… wahahahaha (my evil laugh) Also, please ignore the hot mess that was going on with my hair…. oh my!

You are more than your body, be who you want to be. Adorable tags placed on all the machines for a few weeks at my gym. This is a great reminder because a lot of people get caught up on losing weight instead of why one is doing it. Let’s all worry about getting healthy and finding ourselves than worrying about how we look in a swimming suit. Okay, okay.

Genki Cat playing lion I’ve also been doing some workouts indoors at our condo when the weather isn’t very good. Some days it’s dangerous to be driving unless absolutely necessary and I’m not the one to test fate. As I workout, Genki Cat works on her lion look. She’s doing a great job. (Hehe Actually she was yawning but it’s still cute.)

2015 snow in indiana We have also been traveling around Indiana getting used to our new location of residence. It’s been a while since we have been in Indiana for longer than an hour or two so it’s been interesting. This was take a few weeks ago before the snow finally melted! We were driving on the road and there was so much snow the GPS was even showing only white. Is that a bad sign or what? haha  (Yes, that’s a white out in our window)

snow indiana 2015 Yep, these were the roads in Indiana this early spring season. Finally the snow has melted and things are warming up but it’s taking a very long time it seems this year. Or maybe it’s just that we aren’t used to living in the North anymore after living in the south for a few years.

Winter car wash Something warm weather resident might not be aware of is that cars actually have to be washed in the winter months too. This makes for a very cold 5-10 minutes. We hand wash our car because we can’t find a 100% touch-free car wash (which one should never go to a touch car wash). This was a warm’ish day so we decided to go get our car free of paint eating salt and dirt. Notice the sprayer and brush are almost frozen to the wall. Yeah, it’s the northerners’ life.

losing heat in winter in indiana 2015 Just as it was super cold outside and I wanted to cry every day, our heat went out in our condo. These are new condos but I don’t think they keep up with the regular checkups. So, yep, this is how I did work for a day while I waited impatiently wearing my entire wardrobe. It’s always an adventure and the furry babies loved every bit.

Baking with kitty Not only did I have the fireplace running but I also make a few baked items which really excited Genki Cat. Whenever I use yeast she comes running, anyone else have a cat addicted to the smell of yeast? Or why?

Baby quilt by Genki Kitty I also love to crochet in the winter months because it’s extra warm. This was a baby crochet afghan I made for my Japanese sister. I still have to stretch it out so the box line up normally but otherwise it is completed. Now on to the second one!

Furry baby cuddle time with Genki Kitty We have also been cuddling a lot lately. This is the furry baby sofa and blanket. They love their own cuddle time together.

Genki Kitty works with Genki Cat We’ve also been doing cuddles as I work in my office too. Genki Cat Loves to cuddle on my lap while I work. It makes it a bit difficult at times considering she’s about 15 lbs and my legs fall asleep but it’s always worth it.

Dog watches animal channel And just in case you were worried, Genki Husband and Genki Pup aren’t being left out. They have been cuddling to keep warm too. Here they are together watching the animal channel. Genki Pup loves the animal channel and will sit just like a kid throughout an entire show!

So that’s the first installment of the update on what’s been going on in my life.  How is everything in yours?