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Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast ReviewField Roast is a brand that makes a other items all year-around that many of you might have already tried.  This is a holiday exclusive (yes, this was from December, oops) made from Hazelnuts and cranberries.  It is an option besides the traditional vegan delight of the famous Tofurkey roast (our family favorite).  My brother-in-law bought this as a birthday present for my husband and me (we share a birthday in Dec).  See the review of this product by clicking on the link below:

So as many of you know, I am allergic to hazelnuts.  Fall and Christmas are two of the holidays that I dread for the seasonal products because many of them contain hazelnuts or nutmeg – two allergies of mine.  This is not a product I would have bought since I can not eat it but I figured I would share with all of you since Genki Husband got to enjoy the entire roast himself – it took him about two weeks.   ha-ha He wasn’t complaining though because he loves hazelnuts but does not normally get it in our house.  So the review will be his opinion, not mine this time.

Field Roast Review Vegan The roast comes in a box and the roast itself is sealed with air-tight plastic wrap. I believe this would last in the freezer for a long time considering the company did take great consideration into the packaging.

field roast vegan option for the holidays Once you get scissors and manage to cut the roast out of the packaging (I think I was sweating by this time) you can place it on a lightly sprayed piece of aluminum foil. The outside as you can tell is just puff pastry.

substitute for tofurkey vegan Once it has baked in the oven, it comes out looking like this photo. The outside is puff pastry so you can make sure it is cooked completely when it is lightly browned on top. It smells amazing at this point, even my in-laws were interested until they found out it was vegan. ha-ha

Field Roast for the holidays review Final Roast Photo. It was getting late so it was rather a dark photo, sorry. You can tell in the photo though that the outside is puff pastry, then a second layer of roast “meat” and finally on the inside is a stuffing with the cranberries.

Genki Husband really liked this roast.   Normally we purchased a Tofurkey for holidays but seeing as this was a gift, we had to test this one out.  Plus we love testing new products out!  He said the outside was very flaky and the inside was moist and full of flavor.  If this weren’t filled with hazelnuts, I would have loved to try this out too.  It smelled amazing in my in-laws house, my mother-in-law even tried a small bite (major accomplishment).  It is easy to just toss in the oven, bake and serve to a hungry crowd.  It makes a good portion and I would definitely say it feeds at least 4-6 people.  So this is recommended!  Field Roast also makes other amazing products such as my favorite – chez!!!!

Anyone tried field roast out for the holidays?  Opinions?